Shipping size of 1 month of Soylent


Can someone tell me the dimensions of a months supply of Soylent? I want to try it but my country isn’t on the postal list so I’ll have to get it re-mailed by a friend of mine in the US and I want to try and estimate the additional postal cost so my friend isn’t out of pocket for helping me.
Also, can anyone tell me if it ships in liquid or powder form or requires special storage conditions; ie; Refrigeration?

Shipping dimensions

I can tell you that it ships as a powder and does not require refrigeration :thumbsup:

No idea on dimensions though, why not get your friend to post it and then reimburse him, rather than paying him first?


I’d just like to get a better idea of how much that shipping will come to, I’m on a tight budget and I want to be sure I’ll have all the money needed beforehand.
I’m glad that it ships as a powder, that’s the biggest thing I was concerned about, so thanks for putting me a little more at ease :smile:


One week ships in a box about 11x8x6 inches. A few more packs could fit in there but I would guess to multiply that size by 2.5 to 3 times.The weight is about 500gm per pack for the male formula.So total weight is about 15kg for a month. hope this helps


15kg? Wow, that won’t be cheap :confused:
Ah well, it’ll be worth it if it works as well as it did for Rob.

Did you guys get the same results as he did? Significantly more energy and mental acuity?