Shipping time for new orders


Pretty simple little question here that either @rob or @JulioMiles will probably have to be the ones to answer, well, after a short edit, two of them. After another edit, actually three, sorry about that.

First question though. We’ve heard it a few times now: ‘Pre-orders ship in late February’ ‘Pre-orders ship in late February.’ That is great… for those who felt confident enough to pre-order. Is there any estimation at all of when someone might get their Soylent if they were to order right about now? Even a loose estimate? Is it looking like March? April? August?

Second question. I noticed something a while back. The per meal cost of the month Soylent went from $2.98, I think, to the current $3.04. I crunched some numbers and figured out the first estimate gave 31 days while the new one gave 28 days. So is a month of Soylent only really 4 weeks? Only February would consider that a month- and only 3/4 of the years. I’m hoping it is a full 30 or 31 days, that way you actually get a month, plus maybe some leftover.

Well, I guess I have a third question too, so I’ll put it here instead of clogging the forum, since it is related. This one is pretty simple. Now that Soylent is, almost, shipping, when can we expect to the to ‘Soylent Store’ come online?

Sorry about being a noob with so many questions right off the bat.


To answer one of your questions, a month order of Soylent is 4 weeks packed together. So 28 days. @JulioMiles posted it somewhere here, but I can’t seem to find it.


I think they are producing more Soylent then what is per-ordered so theoretically if you ordered now it would arrive along with the first wave of shipments. (Hopefully!)


I don’t think that anyone is going to have specific answers until a month or two after the first regular commercial orders have been shipping. Mass commercial shipping (as opposed to sending out packages for beta testers) is going to be the next big adventure for the Soylent Team.



I’m new to the discussion board and also from Canada. I’m planning on ordering a months supply in about 2 weeks. What time frame should I expect to for delivery?


I’m not sure if you will be able to place an order from Canada (or I can’t see how).



This is also my big question. Ideally, I’d want to switch to this for every day consumption but frankly I don’t have the confidence (still) to try to get on board for March. Originally Soylent was supposed to be available in August of '13. I’m basically waiting until they get their first big batch shipped out. It’s kind of a bummer to have had to go through this very long journey but as long as it works out hopefully we will be okay.