Shipping times?


How long does soylent take to ship?

I haven’t seen any shipping estimates on my account or orders. I live in nyc. Any ideas?


Most people report getting their orders in one week. I got mine in seven days. Two people have complained that their orders were lost.

A+ Shipping Turnaround, great improvement.


Soylent shipping to Canada was announced Monday 3am EST. I received mine on Friday 10am EST. Simply incredible.


When did you place your order? If it was more than 3 business days you should send an email to
Recent info from @Conor is 2-3 business days.


2-3 business days to process and ship out. Shipping transit times can vary though, dependent on the carrier.


Just to add a data point, mine (about a month ago) took 11 days from order to delivery (4 calendar/2 business days to ship, 7 days with FedEx). I’m in southern California. Hopefully the distribution center expansion that @rob mentioned in the AMA means that they’ll be able to improve on that.