Shipping to an American Address as a Canadian - Why not?


Hi, I’m Canadian. I have a friend who lives a squidget from the border. I’ve shipped Smoylent and People Chow no problems. In these cases I had the option to make my address my actual Canadian address and my shipping address my friend’s address. I could also then put my friend’s name on the ship to address so that he could go pick it up at the post office (this is essential)

Currently, when I try to subscribe to Soylent, I cannot put my address as Canadian while making my shipping address American. Why not? Do I just ignore this and put my friend’s address as as the billing address…? But then, I’ll also need to put his name on the billing address if I want him to pick it up for me. So now it’ll look like he’s using my credit card. :confused:

Look, I want to be a long-term customer so I really have no interest in making your system confused and not getting my monthly shipment or getting in trouble with my bank. As it currently stands I do not mind driving across the border once a month and paying customs (still works out more convenient than normal food plus I have a neat excuse to hang out with my bro once a month).

Is there no way around this? Or are Canadian customers willing to go so far as to enter America once a month for Soylent still out of luck?

UPDATE: Following EveB’s advise I did the “Actually, my adress is Vancouver…” and everything worked fine. I now have a month’s worth of Soylent and am a happy Canadian subsriber who drives down to the states once a month for pick-up. The border patrol did stop me, but after looking at it they let me through tax free. Also they now know to expect me every month so I probably wont be stopped next time. Woo hoo!


What I did was fill it out as best I could but used the second address line to say “Actually: Edmonton, AB, Canada, XXX XXX”. I don’t think the form goes straight to the credit card company because that seemed to work.

First time I ordered I did get a call from my bank’s security but my enthusiastic voice that I did in fact order the product (and wanted it desperately) reassured them.



And there’s a thread I created complaining about this also.

You might also want to contact (which apparently works these days) and taking their advice.



I had to use Paypal.


I couldn’t get Paypal to accept an American address as a secondary address.

But I sure hope they fix this because there’s no reason for not having multiple countries in the billing address. The shipping address I totally understand.



@shnwntrs Hey Shaun, didn’t you have a thread about being a Canadian and getting Soylent across the border? How did you use paypal? I don’t see that as an option on check-out when trying to subscribe.


At the border, make sure that you declare it as “food”, “powdered food”, “food substitute”, or “powdered food substitute”. Then there will be no tax or duties charged. If they think it is a “food additive” or “food supplement”, they will want to charge tax on it.

I’ve brought it into Canada, and one time they went through the ingredient list quite thoroughly, but once they realized it wasn’t a supplement, there was no issue and I’ve never paid tax or fees at the border for importing it. Anything like vitamins is taxable, but food is not.


Excellent! Thank you so much! That’ll work out better for me. I just realized that my budget calculations didn’t account for fluctuating exchange rates… so I was scared that the added customs might eventually make Soylent untenable for me.