Shipping to Canada

Is anyone experiencing shipping delays? I have a monthly subscription. I changed the date from 1st May to 29th April. My card was charged the same day, yet my order hasn’t shipped yet. After it ships, there will likely be another window of up to 8 days for delivery, …13 days if it ships today.

My last order was delayed a bit, but I’m in the Southeast US. FedEx said something about service interruptions, I have no idea if that extends to other companies and how far reaching those interruptions were though.

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Did you reach out to yet?

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I’m in Canada, and I’ve always gotten a shipping notification within two business days of placing my orders.

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I’m in Canada, and have until my last shipment, received all of my orders within two business days of placing them. Granted, my delivery location is about 10 minutes away from the distribution warehouse, so that’s why I usually get it so fast. But with my last order, I placed it on a Tuesday morning, the order sat in ‘Preparing for Shipment’ with no notifications or any sort of head’s up about delays until the following Monday, when I finally got a shipping notification. In fact, the order still appears in my history as ‘Preparing for shipment’ and I can apparently still cancel it despite having gotten my order? Considering how much us Canadians are being screwed on pricing right now, I’m half tempted to see what would happen if I did…

Anyway, I’m putting in another order today, I’ll follow up with my experience this time around, hopefully they’ve sorted out their supply issues. And, before I’m asked, I did reach out to the info line with my previous order, but all I got were reassuring platitudes that only served to increase my frustrations.

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I have and they’ve been courteous and responsive, but I wonder why the shipping notification took longer. This happened once before. Usually, the notification is within 2 days unless the item is back-ordered, which did happen a while ago.

So were mine, until two recent shipments.

Thanks, Same here. I hope that it’s just some glitch in the supply chain or shipping communication.

I should have noted this earlier. I received the shipping notification last evening with the expected delivery on the 9th, that is, next Monday. The notification says that it is an expedited delivery, so, may be, it will get to me before then. Still, leaves me without the powder for my retreat this weekend. I will organize myself better next time around.

I can say in the emails I got from the info line that they did indicate a supply delay that caused the shipping delay, so seems like that’s the case. Which is entirely fair, but my problem is that they should communicate that to people, it’s not like they can’t know when there’s a delay. Especially given that they’ve set precedent with previous orders being fulfilled within 3 business days. I know the site states 3-7 days, but when you’ve placed dozens of orders over months that have all arrived within 3, that’s what you start to plan for. A little proactive communication would go a very long way.

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That’s what really irks me a bit. Even now as per the shipping detail the item is at Mississuaga iOntario, has been for two says since the shipping notification. From order placement to delivery it will be 12 days, longest for me so far.

Sorry for not following up sooner, but my last shipment came in in a reasonable amount of time. I placed the order last Thursday, and it arrived on Tuesday, so hopefully the delays have been sorted out, as this is back to my usual expected turnaround time. Hope you got your order sooner than 12 days :confused:

Mine arrived on the 8th, so altogether 11 days, but as you say this’s probably been sorted out. :relaxed:

Did you reach out to our customer service team yet?

I did previously when I had the delay issue, as I stated in my post above, though it didn’t really help much. There was no issue with the last shipment, I just was following up for @vjk as I stated I would. Thanks for reaching out though.