Shipping to Europe


I tweeted the Soylent guys, got no response, then contacted them using the form, got no response as well.
I mean, in the buying form you can specify European countries, but I just wanna be sure that they indeed ship to Europe.



They will. But you will have to wait until the end of the year or more likely 2015. You should have used the forum search, this question has been asked millions of times before.

Best thing is, they still don’t tell you in the ordering form that you will have to wait that long. So if you don’t check the community or some faq/blog before ordering, you won’t know.

Edit: I noticed the drop-down from ordering page with the countries is gone. Anyway it’s not really meant to be ordered from Europe yet, unless you have too much money. I suggest ordering some DIY-Soylent from some community member until Soylent european shipping has started.


Woops, thank you, did a search on Google and found close to nothing. Thanks. Let’s hope they start shipping to Europe real soon


End of the year is the minimum definite official waiting time for European Orders, it won’t be any sooner and I guess this topic will be closed as soon as a mod discovers it.