Shipping to the wrong (deleted) address


I stayed at an Airbnb for work for a couple months and had my Soylent shipped there. When I checked out, I deleted the address from my Soylent account. It wouldn’t let me delete outright, so I just deleted all the fields.

Now, several weeks later I get an email saying they processed my order and will be shipping it to the old address that I deleted. I cannot get my package there.

It says the order is paid but not shipped/fulfilled yet. I tried to contact them to cancel it, but they don’t have any phone number. The email says they respond in 48 hours. They will probably ship by then. I don’t want to be paying for Soylent that I can’t get.


Customer Service will take care of you. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do here as the CS team is a separate function, and I don’t have access to any of the account stuff. But never fear, they’ll help you out.

– John