Shipping UGHHHH!


So let’s start by saying how excited I am to change my lifestyle with Soylent. A friend referred me and I sampled a few different flavors and LOVE it!

Unfortunately, I have to find the most cost effective approach which of course is the pouches. I live in TX right outside of Dallas.

I ordered on Monday July 30th mid day. Today is Thursday Aug 9th end of day, which is 10 calendar days later and I still have yet to receive my delivery. I’m of course tracking through FedEx. I know that there has been no attempt to deliver at this time. My frustration is in today’s world of Amazon Prime and Walmart free 2 day shipping, Why can’t Soylent get a better shipping partner (regular US Post Office is more efficient, and that’s saying something!)? We American’s Need Immediate Gratification or our interest moves on to another topic. Same is true with diets. Now I know this is available at Kroger and 7/11, but not at the cost that I can afford on the regular ($4 per meal vs $1.70).

On a side note I ordered Huel on Monday Aug 6th. I received that shipment today (3 days later).


In my experience, Soylent shipping has always been extremely fast (2-3 days tops), particularly so when on a subscription. Maybe you just caught an unfortunate bad break? Also, if you’re tracking the package, see where the holdup is; it’s possible you may be able to inquire with FedEx as to its status and nudge it along.

In any case, the wait will only make the Soylent that much tastier when it does arrive. :smiley:


Do you know when your package was shipped? My guess is that the delay would be on Soylent’s end rather than FedEx’s. Sometimes they are slow with fulfillment.


I have had nothing but very good service from FedEx for years of subscribing to Soylent. You can track your FedEx shipment online and get a good idea where the delay is.


Weird. I usually get 1-2 day shipping of my monthly Soylent, I get the shipping email notice, then often the next day my four cases of 2.0 are on my front porch. Once in awhile it’ll take 3 days, but never more than that for the last couple years.


Where is your gratitude man, when I was young I had to walk for miles in thigh deep snow, uphill both ways just to get my mitts on some soylent


So my Update…

I did receive my product on the 11th calendar day. Being that I will be going back to the bottle, I may just order through Amazon in the future (depending on pricing of course). It seems more like my shipping delay was a one-off delay on Fedex.

Still a fan of Soylent.

BTW, I tried the Huel Vanilla Powder, the texture and consistency are undrinkable. I will be sticking with Soylent.


This may depend on where you are… most of my shipments come from SoCal (where I am) so it’s usually a day. But every now and then (like the strawberry sample) it comes from a different distribution center… like PA… via ground… so my 1 day shipments turn to one week.

I would imagine this might suck for someone who doesn’t live near any of the distribution points… but in theory for a subscription the pain should be less noticeable after the first shipment.


I placed my first order on the 6th and received an email the next day stating the order had shipped. Looking into the tracking number the label was still in “Pending” status, which usually means the sender, Soylent, created my label but has yet to get the product into the shippers hands. Late in the day on 10th it finally updated and said it was received (mind you, it was in a city that’s less than 45 minutes away from me) and delivered on the 11th. It was super frustrating to have the order stuck in a pending state for so long after soylent said it had shipped.