Shipping - Update and Honest Assessment


I guess my concern is around how shipping has been/is being communicated to backers (or not - in this case). I’m at the 11 month mark myself - and that would be ok, IF I knew when I could realistically expect my product.

What is really upsetting, is the verbiage being used on the webpage. It makes the reader think that orders placed after 5/6 will ship 10-12 weeks from order date. What does this actually mean? I suspect it is a mistake - and seeing it up still makes me concerned (needlessly) about my own order.

OR - are orders that were placed after 5/6 actually being fulfilled? If so, where’s mine?

The next update needs to be complete, honest, and comprehensive. I’m actually questioning the product - as the shipping communications have been so scattershot. Does this same mentality apply to the actual product?

The next update needs to get out by the 20th (one month later) and cover QA/QC of the product, orders that are going out, and complete shipping schedules for all the folks in the system. Basically an honest assessment of soylent as of present.


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