Shipping Update


Apparently when you email Soylent, they have an automated response that include which month’s orders is being fulfilled. I might do this every 2 weeks just to get a pulse of what’s going on (hopefully we’ll be in September in 2 weeks? :grin:) On a positive note, I got a reply from a rep within 1 day. Things are looking up!

"Currently shipping: Orders placed in August 2014. If you ordered Soylent prior to August 2014 and have not yet received it, please let us know. If you placed your order during or after August 2014, rest assured that your order is in queue and will ship when it is next in line.

The current average response time is 10 days. We are rapidly expanding our support team and will offer reduced response times soon.

We appreciate your patience and want to ensure you that we respond to 100 percent of the inquiries we receive.

Over the course of the next few months, Soylent manufacturing and order fulfillment will be increased 50x. With a total of three production lines in motion, we will finish shipping backorders and begin shipping new orders in real time."

Also, just to be clear, 50x is equivalent to 5000% right?


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