Shipping weight

I use approx… 4 boxes for Soylent 2.0 per month. The problem I had was it’s shipped in one master carton that weighs 56#. It’s also bulky. This make it too heavy for the ladies at the mail place I use, so they leave it just inside the door. It’s also too heavy for my wife to pick up. When I pick up my order, I have to unpack the box before I load it into my car.

Rosa Labs said that’s the only way they can do it due to shipping costs.

The get around this, I changed my regular order to 2 boxes and order 2 more boxes mid month using "need more now"
If Rosa can’t split the shipment into 2 boxes, maybe add a "every 2 weeks: order choice.

You could just have two subscriptions and save the effort of choosing “need more now.”


Yup, that’s exactly what I do.

Now, if I could just get the delivery guy to stop leaving it immediately in front of my storm door (which opens outward), or start delivering it earlier in the day when I’m still at work. Even 24 bottles can be tricky to shove across concrete, using a cheap storm door.

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How can I have 2 different subscriptions of 2.0 do I need to create another account? I only see that I can edit my current subscription.


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i need to split mine too, because my girlfriend has to pick it up from the post office since they dont use fedex for me anymore, those bottles are heavy when theres 4 12 packs to a box

You can create a new subscription by logging into your account, then going to the product page you want to create the new sub for (in this case hit the ‘Drink’ tab) and clicking ‘Subscribe’ again.

No need to create a new account, you can have as many subscriptions running as you’d like on a single account login.


Great thanks for the info!

Unfortunately, the discount is much less this time…:disappointed:

If your order from amazon you can get 15% off. You just need to have multiple subscriptions. Which has a nice side benefit of getting staggered deliveries which makes it easier to handle and store.

They aren’t staggered on Amazon.