Shipping woes, literally sick and tired

I really enjoy the Soylent product, but I’m having a huge issue with the delivery issues. I’m patient though. I’ve been patient.

I understood their plight: higher demand, slower response to shipping out items. I get that. I waited a month for my last order (it was even incomplete). I asked them to modify my charge, and I would continue to wait for the next shipment. Next shipment still hasn’t arrived. Meanwhile, my subscription gets triggered again and I now have two months worth of Soylent unfulfilled.

I sent them emails, politely written out and very empathetic and understanding. Each week they tell me they’ll update me that week with shipping information. Each week they fail me.

I’m diabetic, and actually really rely on Soylent. I have a monthly subscription that I depend on. These shipping issues have caused me woes. I’ve had to go out hunting, spending extra money to buy Soylent product to replace the product that I should be receiving in mail. Funny enough, although it’s nearly impossible to receive a timely-shipped order, local big retailers seem to have no problem providing Soylent at a higher price.

I’m fully aware of the precautions they’re taking for COVID-19, and I’m happy and glad they’re doing that: but they’re taking advantage of the situation. Missing an order? Delayed shipping? They blame it on COVID-19.

Even still, I was very understanding to the situation.

However, today I’m learning of people I know personally who are receiving tracking orders within hours of placing their order. They can hide behind COVID-19 all they want, but cat’s out of the bag. I know the truth. I know now it’s just negligence.

You have new product being released merely days ago, and only a few days later, people are excitedly posting reviews.

Enough with the bullshit. If Soylent isn’t going to provide reasonable support, maybe they need to be compelled to.

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I have been having shipping issues myself. I placed my order 2 weeks ago and have received no correspondence from them. I have emailed and called but nothing. I have had my card company stop payment and reverse the charge. I now buy my Soylent though Amazon. I purchase it and get it 2 days later. I highly recommend buying through Amazon for the shipping alone.

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