Short Term Memory issues


Hey all,

Been on soylent (plus 2 regular meals a week) for about 2 weeks now. Feelin fine…no hunger issues…cravings are mild…energy is good…ive noticed some short term memory issues…ill forget things just before i say them…ill want to do something…take a beat…and damnit…its gone…even with my work ive noticed alot more problems…got 4 parking tickets last week on work cars by being forgetful and not focused…

I feel fine other wise…better even…getting the same sleep (even more)…same meds…same stresses and sched…any thoughts? Could there be a deficiany causing this? should I add ginko to my mix or something like that?

I am using a modified People Chow 3.0.1 with 2150 cal soylent and 250 cal fish oil pills.

Any input would be appreciated.

  1. If you think its soylent, drop soylent. Now.

  2. To be honest, I don’t think its soylent unless you’re having an allergic reaction to something. I’ve no clue how old you are but I would look at stress factors in your life.


Are you on any cholesterol management medications? These can cause severe short-term memory issues.

In any case I think you should eliminate soylent as a variable. Go back to what you were consuming before soylent and see if you see a difference.


i may have made it sound a little worse than it is…its not crippling…just noticable…hmmm…dont really wanna stop soylent unless someone has a reasonable concern that it could be the soylent…i too dont REALLY think it is…just cant think of anything else (then again maybe there is something else and i forgot)…im gonna keep up on the soylent for now… got a vacation coming up…will see if it was stress related…should be well rested when i get back…also…soylent 1.0 comes out soon enough that ill probably keep it up and if it continues see if real soylent makes it go away…

liking soylent too much to give it up on a maybe. just wanted to see if anything like this had been reported before and such.

ill keep you guys posted if i figure anything out…

no no cholesterol meds.

thanks for chiming in


Are you drinking enough water? A common rookie mistake that DIY’ers make is that they start drinking less water, not realizing that the water you’re mixing it with is replacing the water found in the foods you used to eat.


i didnt drink much water before soylent…when i first started soylent i was having lots of extra water…now ill have 3L water with my mix and maybe another 1 - 1.5 L water aside from that…getting at least 4 L a day…seems it would be enough…is it?


though that does seem on the right track…ill make sure to have some extra water tomorrow just incase


That might be too much water. You should be around 3 L. Too much can lead to Hyponatremia, which can lead to all sorts of body irregularities. Instead of drinking more, try less for a couple days. Pay attention to your urine color. If it’s dark you’re not getting enough, if it is colorless you can do with less water intake. Pale yellow is where you should be.



Bear in mind that at this stage, there’s only ever going to be “maybe”. I would advise dropping it for a week. (The very fact that you’ve posted your concern here indicates that you put a fairly large weighting on “it’s the soylent” as a hypothesis.) You can cope for a week, and the value of information is through the roof - I’d gladly take a week of discomfort to know whether a specific change was causing memory loss.

Have you seen a doctor, by the way? (“same meds” - there might be dietary advice on them.)


i concur with Smaug, see a doctor
The cause could be anything.

If you get a blood test you might want to test for all vitamins and minerals so you can see what soylent is doing for you.


I’ve been in denial about a lack of vit K and Fiber in the recipe ive been using…i corrected that and guess i felt better…only been 1 day (of all soylent) since i added k/fiber…ill keep it up and report back…hard to tell for sure but definitely not noticing as much trouble holding onto info.


And the 2 regular meals a week didn’t make up for that? Odd.


not saying thats the cause…just saying thats what i changed and seem to be feeling better…let u know later in the week


dont know if it was the missing K / Fiber or something else…problem seems to have gone away…could have been an unknown variable or just adjustment to new diet…either way…seems better now…thanks for the input