Short term Soylent storage - ziplock bags?

I may need to bring a small baggie of Soylent (powder) with me on a regular basis, in case I don’t have time to buy dinner when I’m out in the evenings. The problem is: I don’t always know when I won’t have dinner, so I may prep a bag in the morning and not need it for the next few days.

Does anybody do this normally? Has anyone mixed & drank Soylent that was stored in a ziplock bag for a few days?

Any better ideas for short-term low-quantity (and portable) storage?

you should be good most distributors started out shipping their products in ziplock bags. The only thing I am concerned with is that most people like it mixed and then let it sit in the fridge overnight or for a few hours. I was going to be out for a week and I brought a few days of my DIY in zip lock bags and mixed a few bottles the night before put them in a cooler with a frozen bottle of water and some ice packs to keep it cold. The only thing to worry about is pre mixing it and not keeping it in a fridge which should be good for a few days if its not kept cold it can go bad quickly.

I do

I thought of using zip lock bags but I ended up using the bags that Soylent ships in.
I keep one in my backpack just in case and at some point use it at home if I didn’t need it and rotate the bag I use as well.

I generally don’t use Soylent for lunch but some days I don’t have time to go to lunch.

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I thought about this too, bringing powder with me but I think I am just going to order a 12 pack of 2.0 to keep on hand for this.

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Would a Blender Bottle work better. Just dump the powder in and off you go. When you want to use it, just add water and shake.


I currently use a blender bottle. I’ve once left the powder inside for a few days and when I mixed it, it tasted stale. But I did have protein powder in there as well, so I don’t know if that was the reason.

I guess I could do this. But I’d have to carry around the scoop as well.

I have added powder to a blender bottle and then I use those 5 hour energy bottles with enough oil in it for a single meal and just throw that bottle in as well… so all I need is water.

I measure out 1 meal out at home and put it in a old bag.

As far as putting it directly in the blender bottle I thought of that but it seems to mix much easier if you put in a bit of water first

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On a 5-day convention trip last year, I pre-mixed four pouches of v1.4 with whey and fiber into my own ziplocks, and brought it in my luggage. I loaded up my Blender Bottle SportMixer three times a day using a small scoop (2 Tbsp I think) that fit in the ziplocks… Before leaving I had determined how many scoops equaled one meal, something like 3-1/2.

The whole thing worked great, I never had a problem with spoilage. I also don’t remember thinking anything seemed stale, but I may just have not been paying attention.

Luckily the TSA didn’t bat an eye at several ziplocks of unidentified powder. :innocent: YMMV.


I would go with 2.0 if you can. 1.x isn’t very good without some time to smooth out in a fridge. 2.0 may cost a bit more, but it is so much better on the spot and warm…

That said. Definitely a blender bottle, it works pretty well. You could portion multiple portions into ziplocks and then just throw one into a bottle with water and shake.

I currently use a blender bottle, I just needed a way to store the powder without leaving it in the bottle.

I’m considering 2.0, but I don’t feel comfortable using that much more plastic (at least with this method I could reuse old Soylent bags).

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Just found out about Blender Bottle’s GoStak jars. They seem pretty convenient, although their largest jar (150ml) isn’t big enough to hold a serving (two scoops) of Soylent (230ml). But, it would probably be easier to pour the powder from these jars than from plastic bags, so I’m considering getting a set.

Maybe something like this will work for you.