Should i be adding some sort of oil to my vegan soylent?


I ordered vegan soylent. I’m new to soylent and was browsing the fourms, am i supposed to be adding something else to the powdered mix? Is it safe that I’ve only been drinking soylent this way for the past week? (I dove in head first and have completely replaced solid food).

I want to be sure I’m doing this the right way and not making myself malnourished…


You need the fatty acids from the oil for a balanced diet, but don’t worry that a week without will have hurt you much.

Vegan Soylenters will doubtless be along shortly to let you know what kind of vegetable oils they’ve been using to get the best balance. Two fluid ounces per pitcher of pretty much any vegetable oil you have on hand will be better than nothing. Note that it soaks and mixes best when you add the oil after your Soylent has already soaked overnight or at least for a few hours.


Good to know about the soaking method,
and two ounces!

I guess I’ve been using water to make up the difference…


I’ve been using grapeseed oil in my DIY, but the price is just prohibitive. I’m switching to canola and MCT (just a little of this one).


Granted it’s not “vegan” but could i just take a few fish oil pills and benefit the same? (rather than 2 ounces of oil)


If you’re going to do that, why not just get the oil with Soylent? It’s just canola oil and fish oil.


I assumed “vegan” would of been “healthier” and now i have lots of powdered soylent with no oil :frowning:



Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it in the short term. No harm is going to come to you because you went a couple of weeks or so without the oil. The human body isn’t that fragile.

Take that time to decide if you want the Soylent oil (for your next shipment) or come up with a better alternative.


Sounds like a solid plan, thanks for the information.


If you have some canola oil or fish oil on hand though you may feel more satiated by adding a bit in yourself in the meantime :slight_smile:


Definitely need some sort of oil mixed in with your Soylent. Vitamins a,d,e and k are fat soluble. This means in order for your body to absorb them you need some kind of fat in the meal. I recommend either avocado or oliv oils. They are considered the healthiest of the oils ( I believe) and have ALA omega-3 fatty acids.


The powder does have some fat in it. Just not enough, if you want 30% of your calories to come from fat.

Throw some canola oil in there until you decide.


@MatrixFood Please PM your order-email if you’d like us to send you oil. Thanks!


@Soylent I can’t seem to find the PM feature(unless the @ was it) my order number is (order #6400), let me know what else you need and thanks.


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So as i wait for a response/shipment of Soylents oil, i can go ahead and add “extra virgin” “cold pressed” olive oil (2 ounces) to my mix? or is there another oil i should add till i receive the original formula.


That oil will do nicely :smile: