Should I get drink 2.0 or powder 1.6?

I need some help choosing which type to get. I’m not too picky with taste, doing it more so for the nutrition, but it doesn’t hurt to taste good.

First, price and quantity.
The drink version would get me 2.5 days worth of food replacement for $34, while the powder would get me a full 7 days worth of food for $64. So I’m getting almost 3x as much food replacement with the powder, for less than double the price, which makes the powder seem to win in that regard. However, the issue is that since this is just a one time thing (I’m still in high school without a regular source of income), the drink would just be flat out cheaper for me. So now I’m just confused as to which would be better for me.

Another thing is flavoring of the powder. I’ve heard the drink tastes far better than the powder, but you can flavor the powder to make it taste better. I would be willing to do this, but I honestly have no idea how to flavor stuff – the correct amounts to add, and what would add a good flavor to the mixture. Plus, I have a worry that adding flavors would sort of ruin the perfect nutritional balance of the powder.

So yeah. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The difference per day roughly is powder at $8/day versus liquid at $12/day. It is up to you if the extra $4 is worth the added convenience and slightly superior taste (subjective, according to a majority of users).

For me, the liquid is worth the extra cost. Being in high school, maybe the $4 in savings is the call.

(Adding flavor a to powder may add more sugar, but doesn’t detract from the 100% nutrition.)


Thanks for the fast answer. Another thing-- do you happen to know whether, if I were to get a subscription, could I cancel any time, or does it have a set number of months it goes through before cancelled?

What are you hoping to get out of the order? If you want to just try a soylent product, here they are in order of cheapest to most expensive single box:


If you want bang for your buck in terms of feeding yourself, the order from best to worst would be Powder, 2.0, Bars, Coffiest.

Best tasting (among my friend group at least) would be Bars, Coffiest, 2.0, Powder.

Get the subscription and cancel as soon as the first order ships, you won’t have to pay for a 2nd box :slight_smile:


My vote is Powder - I like the taste and cost of the powder better. Additionally, I feel more satiated on 1.6 vs 2.0.


If this is just a “one-time” thing, I guess you’re just trying Soylent? In which case I’d suggest you try both.


You can cancel/pause your subscription at any time. Then restart it when you want. Since this is a one time thing and you may not like it or could possibly be allergic to it I would suggest getting the liquid. $34 < $64.


If you get a subscription, you can cancel at any time. You could use a subscription to place just a single order at the subscription rate, and if you don’t like it, cancel the subscription immediately. You just want to be sure that you don’t forget to cancel within a month, or you will be billed for another order.

One other thing to note is that you might be able to get a discount on your first purchase using a referral code or coupon. I think generally Soylent users are able to give out referral codes for 50% off of a first-time order of the drink. For the powder, I think there are coupon codes floating around out there for like 10% or 20% off the first order? Not sure, but you can google it.

At normal prices, though, the powder costs less per calorie than the drink and has about the same nutritional profile. That sounds like it would probably be a better fit for you if you really don’t care about taste. Either the powder or the drink can be combined with flavorings if you so choose; it’s just a different process for doing it with each. But if nutrition is the primary concern for you, you are correct to note that adding flavorings could modify the nutritional profile of the result. It would depend on what you add.

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Yup, I ended up going with the drink cause I found a 50% first-time coupon for it. If I like it, I’ll consider it when I get an actual job sometime this year. Thanks for all the advice guys


I like that optimism, young man! “Lost generation” be damned!