Should I have recieved my kit yet?


I was an early Kickstarter and then did an additional month order in October. Should I have been sent my kit by now, or I am just being impatient?
I’m seeing lots of post about others getting theirs, and I was charged, so I know my order is in process.

Just wondering… it’s been a long time.


i havent really heard of any rhyme or reason on when starter kits arrive…i assume the non oil orders got their starter kits early…but other than that i think its a bit more up in the air as to when starter kits get to each person.


Someone shared a picture of the card that comes with the starter kit. It says the “Soylent will arrive within two weeks”. So I’m guessing the starter kits are not going out all at once but are being staggered like the actual Soylent.


would seem that way…but i dont think anyone on this forum would suggest trusting that 2 week eta…as much as i hate it too…best advice is just chill…they are doing there best and itll come soon enough…only thing is keep an eye on the I GOT MY SOYLENT thread…if you ordered 2 months normal and you see people are getting 2 week orders and you still got nothing…might be an issue…but odds are just hang in there and it will all work itself out.

im still holding out very little hope of receiving my soylent order by my Birthday in a month…


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