Should I toss this batch?

So I made my third jug of 1.5 last night. Didn’t do anything different from usual; dumped the bag in the pitcher, added water, shook it up, filled to top with water, shook once more, and placed it in the same spot in the fridge where I normally keep it. But when I opened the fridge this morning I saw this:

My Soylent has never separated before at all! I’ve heard that separation was normal with previous versions, but what about 1.5? Why haven’t I encountered this with my other batches? I didn’t do anything differently…
It smells fine, and when I gave it a shake it went back to normal Soylent appearance, but I’m scared to drink it. I had normal food for breakfast so I’ll check on it again at lunch time and see what it looks like then.

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You’re fine. I’ve had a pitcher or two do the same. And like yours, it went back to looking normal after more shaking.

You mentioned the important part, “It smells fine.” I’ve drank bad Soylent (left too long in thermos without refrigerating); the bad Soylent looked normal, but smelled bad.


Thanks! It’s odd that only certain batches do this though. I wonder what’s different? They’re all from the same box so the powder ought to be identical…I wonder if maybe it’s a temperature fluctuation in the fridge or something?

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check the batch numbers on the bags. Just because they are in the same box doesn’t mean they are from the same batch of powder.

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It might turn you into Spiderman.

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The batch number on the bag I just made matches the rest of the bags in the box. Not sure what number was on my previous bags, but if I get the same issue with the bags I have left then we’ll know there’s something different about that batch!

I’m not sure if its bad or not from only a picture. But never hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are here to help, any comments, concerns, etc. Customer Service: :smile:

Generally they should all be from the same batch since they are packaged at the facility that made the batch.

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Just to update everyone; after I shook it again it never separated at all. Tasted normal and didn’t make me sick.

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Or Soylentman! With the power of… deadly farts?