Should I trust it?


I just discovered one of my new bottles of Soylent was missing its label wrapping and seal ring. I wonder if I should “trust” it or not. It’s from the last lot before the new labeling came out.


“Congratulations, you’ve received one of our very special taste tester bottles! Rest assured the quality assurance staffers at Rosa Foods taste test random bottles throughout the production run, we’ve encountered very few cases of illness transfer to customers drinking after our tasters, the incidence is so low it is statistically insignificant! You can now enjoy this bottle knowing it past the taste test with flying colors and would stand out as the ideal flavor and consistency we strive for in every bottle we sell. Drink up!”        


Trust, but verify. Question the bottle extensively.


I’d ask @conor. This looks like a manufacturing defect that may be grounds for getting a new case, or a discount on your next order or something.


I would totally trust it. (Seriously.)


Reach out to and we will replace your case.


Happy anniversary, @Conor! :cake:


Thank you :blush::blush: