Should Soylent {RL} have a refer a friend program?

Should Soylent {RL} have a refer a friend program of some kind?

Call it what you will…I know the word friend won’t always apply.

Refer a friend who places an order and get a percentage off your next order{s}…Refer a friend who places an order and get a free day{s} worth of product…



I like it. I probably wouldn’t use it, since I have no friends, but I could see it helping get the product out there. Of course, we will wait until production >= orders. :smile:

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+1 on the idea. Sounds great to me.

It’s called a referral or affiliate program. I’ve been a professional affiliate since about 2005 and one of the very first things I did was inquire with the company as to whether or not they planned to have such a program. I was told that they have discussed it but that such programs bring with them a host of issues, problems, and challenges that they just weren’t interested in dealing with at this time. Didn’t close the door on the future, but it definitely wasn’t a near-term interest. This was when Soylent first started shipping last April/May.

Clearly, I would be the first to sign up if there was such a program. LOL

I’ve already got two people at work hooked on it. :slight_smile:

I would guess they won’t really seriously look at something like that yet.
Not until:

  • their production reliably outstrips their current demand
  • the growth of demand diminishes (I would expect a significant demand growth rate spike soon after they become able to ship it when a new customer orders it, not months after they do.)

yes, Absolutely! People are asking me for it!

Let’s keep this discussion alive. In just the past week, I have given two pouches away to interested individuals. A referral program would be welcome, like a percentage off the next box or something.

To be a Negative Nelly, seems like referral programs end up just causing people to pester others or spam message boards. Also, as a consumer, I don’t want to deal with any possible price increase which would come with the adoption of a referral program.

I would propose an alternative that there are larger-order bulk discounts where any customer can order enough for everyone in their Soylent circle or a massive self-cache. Large orders tend to reduce paperwork and required man/machine power to fill it (1 piece of paper, person walks over, puts big order in a less boxes than if shipped separately, prints out fewer shipping labels and done).