Should soylenters supplement with carnosine/beta-alanine?


So I’m reading about carnosine, which is a dipeptide contained in muscle tissue. According to Wikipedia, “A vegetarian (especially vegan) diet is deficient in adequate carnosine, compared to levels found in a standard diet”. I’m not sure how this stacks up in different versions of soylent.

The limiting factor for making carnosine is beta-alanine, so supplementing with that will increase carnosine production. Carnosine has a ton of health benefits, so a lot of regular meat eaters supplement it anyway (also it makes muscles more resistant to fatigue). Seeing as soylent is mostly vegan (except for the fish oil), will soylent users risk having a low carnosine supply? Is it worth adding some beta-alanine to the drink?

I basically know nothing about nutrition, so feel free to tell me I’m silly if I am.

EDIT: Wikipedia link:


Research shows that beta-alanine has minor effects on muscular endurance, anaerobic running capacity, fatigue, and lean mass.

The body can make it’s own carnosine and you can’t be carnosine deficient unless you have a rare metabolic disorder.

Beta-alanine is expensive and there isn’t enough research that shows people will see a huge difference in life quality and health if they take it. A huge % of people don’t work out enough to see a difference anyway. Now if you DO train for a sport and want to perform better, then yes, it’s worth supplementing.