Should the company try mean advertising?

For example, the rude but humorous advertisement of Dollar Beard Club:

Should Soylent try or is it too risky?

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Get Soylent or Get Rekt.

What could go wrong?

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They could.

Show 2 guys, both say “time for dinner”. One grabs his keys to go shopping, one grabs soylent.
Show the shopping guy stuck in traffic. Show they soylent guy finishing his soylent.
Show the shopping guy looking for parking. Show the soylent guy painting.
Show the shopping guy walking around with his cart looking for ingredients. Show the soylent learning a new language.
Show the shopping guy standing in a checkout line. Show the soylent guy working out.
Show the shopping guy stuck in traffic again. Show the soylent guy dressing up.
Show the shopping guy starts cooking. Show the soylent guy arriving at a club.
Show the shopping guy sitting down to eat. Show the soylent guy sitting down with a girl, compliments her in a foreign language, showing his painting, and saying that he’s a vegan for environmental reasons.

Do more, with less.


Although most people don’t go shopping for ingredients for every meal… :wink:

Actually, maybe do it against fast food… drive, wait in drive through, drive home, eat, sitting on couch looking slightly ill and compare that to the Soylent guy feeling energized and going for a jog…


Actual story: Show the Soylent guy tweeting about Soylent, tweeting about Soylent, trying to flavor Soylent, taking Soylent photos…

That clip reminds me of those “As seen on TV” commercials where the person is so inept they can’t perform the simplest tasks without the device they are selling.


Pretty sure that’s exactly what that is…