Should we vary fat/carb/protein ratio during the day?


2000 calorie diet specify a daily intake, while we have hogged themselves differently throughout the day. In the morning we need a boost, in middle we need to charge batteries, while in evening we think of the weight and healthy sleeping.

Should we have different fat/carb/protein ratio in our meals (for instance more protein in the morning and less carbs in the evening, while the total intake is 2000 cal) or it will not make a difference?


That’s not a bad idea if it actually would work. For me, I “eat” at 7am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm. Notice the first span is 3 hours and the others are 4 hours so I get more calories in the morning. I feel it works well, but that could just be me.

I would guess that it wouldn’t make enough difference to actually be worth the effort though. Keeping 3/4 different mixes for different times of day would be a mess.

Maybe more fat in the morning for those trying to lose weight? Lot’s of interesting ideas.


I think more fat in the evening - since carbs are the main source of weight gain.


I feel more carbs with lesser protein and fat in the morning as you said we need a boost and carbs are the best for boost, more protein/fats for lunch and dinner with lesser carbs…with dinner having the least carbs. This is for normal semi sedentary/sedentary lifestyle. For athletes or body builders it may vary.

But if people are already used to taking more fats or proteins in the morning and more carbs at lunch or dinner and it suits them fine and they are energetic with no weight gain or loss, then they can continue like that without thinking about what to eat at what time.