Should you drink water in addition to soylent? Or is the water contained when you prepare it enough to meet all your hydration needs?

Should you drink water in addition to soylent? Or is the water contained when you prepare it enough to meet all your hydration needs?

Personally I’m drinking almost exclusively Soylent. I might have water or milk if we go out to eat, and occasionally I have a diet soda at home or maybe a small amount of water. But for the most part Soylent is it for me and I seem to be hydrated better than ever (judging by urine color anyway). I normally tend to not drink at all, my mom always called me a camel.

Rob & Co mentioned that you shouldn’t rely on the water content in soylent, especially if your mixture is any thicker than 1:1.

Personally it can help with the ‘not quite hungry’ grumbles, and you can’t really go wrong with having an extra liter or half liter of water around, especially if you also enjoy coffee.


1.6 litres of water per day is a bit low by most reccomendations. There really isnt a credible study on how much water you should drink per day. Its probably better to err a bit on the side of overhydrating as previous soylent drinkers have reported bad headaches from dehydration not realizing they significantly cut back on their liquid intake.

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Yeah I actually had some tests done a while back that showed my cells for some reason have an unusually high capacity for hydration. I forget the exact terminology now, but it explained a lot about how I’ve always been. Never needed water the way other people did, and don’t sweat barely at all unless I’m working out strenuously. So I’m sure it’s all pretty individual. But at the moment I’m consuming somewhere around 40-50 ounces of Soylent per day, and maybe an extra diet soda thrown in on occasion, and doing extremely well.

For myself, I’ve found that the water in Soylent isn’t enough to keep he hydrated throughout the day. I would get mild tension headaches that wouldn’t subside with drinking Soylent so I added some extra water to my diet. I’ve been drinking about 40 ounces of Soylent per day and an addition 1.5 water bottles (16.9oz) and haven’t experienced any more headaches since.

I think general rule of thumb is you take your weight and divide it in half. And that’s around the amount of ounces you should have per day. I do not know how accurate that is though.

Sorry, but I won’t be drinking over a gallon of water a day. It could be accurate up to some point, but for me, over a gallon is overkill.

Of course you would be subtracting the amount of water you get with your soylent. That amount is total amount of liquid. That includes the liquid you get from food.

According to the Mayo clinic. Not including the water you get from your food the average man should be drinking 3 liters of water a day. That’s just over 100 ounces. Factor in the water you get from what you eat and my previous post was pretty close.

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Thanks! That pretty much answers my question

Brought back from the dead.

Since I have been drinking 2,000 calories of Soylent 1.6 per day this week - or 2 liters worth, should I be drinking water in addition to Soylent?

I don’t feel thirsty, normally I am forcing myself to drink more water. I have my fitbit set to have me drink 50 floz of water a day in additional to my “normal” 1000 calories/ 32 floz of Soylent per day.

There’s no way to really answer that. It would depend on how active you are, what the humidity and temperature are like where you are, how breathable your clothes are, whether or not you breathe through your nose, and a number of other factors. But seeing as you aren’t thirsty I would say you are ok.


You can not go wrong drinking 1 Tall glass (12-14 oz) of water somewhere in the middle between your soylent meals. When you alternate 1 drink of soylent and 1 drink of water not only do you get closer the the ideal amount of hydration, but it actually makes the soylent last a little longer between servings. This is still a little under the recommended guideline by a little bit, but not as drastic as not drinking water at all with it.

Personally I drink the tall glass all at once in the middle, but you can space out a tall glass water however you are comfortable with.

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Some smart academic wrote in the NY Times a few months ago that the best guideline is that one should generally drink when thirsty. Also, he said drinking water itself is not that important vs other liquids.

I drink only distilled water, or rainwater, and only pure grain alcohol.

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You must have very precious bodily fluids! :yum:

From back when the release notes were good:

Water consumption
The IOM recommends 2.7-3.7L+ of water per day
depending on build and activity level. Soylent provides
1.6L, meaning you must consume a significant amount of
water in addition to Soylent.

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I might get to 2.5 liters per day. According to my fitbit I drink about 50oz of liquid per day. On a “normal” day I eat 32 oz of Soylent that I don’t track as liquid. I am heavily active, I run daily - but I don’t feel dehydrated, no headaches and I am not feeling constantly thirsty or anything.

Should I be forcing myself to drink more water?

Why do you exert so much energy? 3-4k is a LOT! Doing less would be more efficient. :wink: Aren’t you past the point of MB/MC maximum?

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