Should you drink water in addition to soylent? Or is the water contained when you prepare it enough to meet all your hydration needs?


Most of my energy is exerted through running. I run as a form of meditation, when I run I must focus on my breathing, I must focus on my form, and I am concentrating on getting to my destination. With my mind focused on these three things, everything else I may have been worried about leaves my mind, any anxiety I may have had is gone, and I am “free.”

I started running to be active and for health reasons, then I discovered it has therapeutic value for me. I also do general calisthenics to make sure my body is tone.

I suppose you have to factor in all the ways I benefit. I probably run too much by most peoples standards, and use too much energy in doing so. However, when factoring in my mental health - I don’t think the benefit outweighs the cost.


Makes sense. You are past the point of physical health benefits, other than the brain ones. Good on ya.


I pretty much always drink water after food to rinse out my mouth if nothing else. My mouth feels wrong if I drink Soylent and don’t follow the meal with a bit of water. I don’t drink much water with a Soylent meal though, not enough I’d measure it if I were tracking water consumption (which I’m not). I pretty much fall into the drink when thirsty method. Oh, also if urine is strongly colored I suppose. On lazy no exercise days my water consumption is probably pitiful, a 500ml water bottle at most perhaps. When I’m active or exercising it’ll be a few 500ml water bottles.


My approach: drink Soylent, refill vessel with water, shake, drink.


I seem to be an outsider here with all of you sipping so little while I’m guzzling 1 or 2 gallons a day, averaging about a gallon and a half lately… If I’m under a gallon for more than a couple days I feel it.


I had about 20 fl.oz of liquid a day this week, mostly from Coffee and a little bit of water, the rest was from Soylent. My urine was clear to slight yellow, normal yield, I didn’t feel thirsty or dehydrated. I donno what to say expect everyone is different.


I find that bottled Soylent 2.x absorbs about as much water as regular solid food, so I just drink my normal amount of water (4oz in the morning then whenever I’m thirsty throughout the day).