Shouldn't we be on 2.2 now?


Algal Oil + Oat Fiber + Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO)
Example: Original, Coffiest (old)

Algal Oil -> Sunflower Oil
Example: Coffiest (new)

Oat Fiber + IMO -> Soluble Corn Fiber
Example: Cacao/Nectar/Cafe Vanilla/Cafe Chai

Wouldn’t these changes have been sufficient for minor version number increases in the past?

What would it take for a minor version number increase?

Not upset or anything, just curious.


Do they even do the numbering scheme anymore for anything other than powder? It’s seemed to fall by the wayside.


Yeah, just realized that after posting. I guess that was dropped with the Cacao/Nectar.


Yeah I hadn’t actually noticed till you brought it up. But it does indeed seem that they’ve stopped numbering anything other than powder. Kinda too bad, that was one very unique thing about Soylent.


I’m disappointed they aren’t using version numbering anymore too! I liked that!


Maybe it was too nerdy & “software” for the masses. LOL


I’m sure that was it, they wanted to simplify for the mass market. Like Apple dropping the version number for the iPad.

One issue is that starting from 2.0 implies the Drink is replacing the Powder. If that’s not the case (and it sounds like it isn’t) it would have been cleaner to start with 1.0.


They did that also by including the label that Soylent isn’t meant to replace every meal because many didn’t understand just how much could be used. Many thought you HAD to be 100% Soylent in order for it to ‘work’. Seems like the nerdy days are mostly over. Good think that it’s still proudly GMO.


Yea, I remember them saying a while ago that they were moving away from version numbers with the liquid soylent, no idea why.


Oh well, ultimately mainstream adoption is good for all of us early users as well so… I can cope. LOL


Wait, did they remove oat fiber from all the flavored ones? I assumed the new Strawberry wasn’t as thick in consistency because of a lack of oat fiber, but, nope, it’s also not in the Cacao.


No, they started off with no oat fiber.

The Original still has both Oat Fiber and IMO. I think the Algal Oil was replaced with Sunflower Oil around the time of the square bottles.


Thanks, that’s what I meant – removed it relative to the Original formula. That’s a fair distinction, that the flavored versions never had the oat fiber, I just hadn’t realized it. Was a reason given? I know as far as the Algal Oil ,it was replaced because some people had bad gastrointestinal reactions to it or something, but I hadn’t heard a reason for why the Original would have oat fiber, while the flavors would not. Also, the lack of thickness in the Strawberry versus the other flavors is interesting. I’m curious why that is.


Was there a reason given the new flavors had Soluble Corn Fiber instead of Oat Fiber? AFAIK not directly, but searching the forum, the change to the powder in 1.8 was mentioned in a blog post.

I know I did some googling when the new flavors came out, and got the impression that Soluble Corn Fiber is well-regarded. Better texture and less gas.

The Algal issue was with the Algal Flour in the bars.


The Bars, I do miss the bars!