Show us your battle accessories


It’s been awesome seeing everyone’s DIY battle stations, but what happens when we venture beyond our personal Fortresses of Soylentude and into the outside world? In what sort of vessels does everyone carry their soylent during such missions?

How fast does Soylent pass through the body?

I prefer a vacuum bottle, specifically this Thermos hydration bottle, which is a convenient size, as well as having a wide enough spout;

It keeps my soylent cold for the long haul. I have the rest of my equipment linked in the notes for all of my recipes.


this is a repost from the battle stations thread. i mostly just use my blender bottle with the sipper lid attached

I was however intrigued with this project on kickstarter, which looks interesting:

what would be really cool is a bottle with some kind of thermal heat pump that keeps it chilled. eg a thermos that has an added electronic thermal transfer, which you recharge overnight.

alternatively, remixing an “old school” chiller pack concept, recharging your chiller bottle might mean putting it in a freezer, before you fill it the next day.

Cold Pack - a bottle that had it’s “walls” filled with the same liquid as in one of these would be awesome.


I’m planning on using ordinary aluminum water bottles.


My soylent scabbard is just an ordinary Tupperware container.

Left to right: curry, apple and walnut, and marinara parmigiano soylent for the day.
It’s lunchtime, so this is after partial consumption.

Edit: Computer got wonky trying to upload the pic. Fixed now. Sorry for everyone directed to my google drive…


My first Soylent lunch at the office. The picture of efficiency. :smile:


I have been using a couple of Thermos’s bought from Ikea.


Both work great for very little cost.


Thanks for the answers, guys!


Just got the powder containers today…Fits about 85% of a 2 scoop meal (scoop from now whey protien container) works for me…just add a little less water…has a built in funnel…its awesome…much less powder on the office desk.


Hey for all you Aussies doing DIY, Big W has a special on these bottle blenders at the moment

you can see a photo of it in an earlier post of mine (or in the above link, of course)


I’d love to see the tk:aro drinking glass make a comeback. Especially if we could get 555mL versions (initial production was 500mL) to hold a single serving. What do you think? Sexy, no?


Looks really nice, but I can’t find any info on buying one.


From what I’ve learned, they stopped selling them in 2012 or so. I remember seeing it on and thinking “Why the hell would I want this?” Since then, however, I’ve really come to prefer a glass bottle over plastic or aluminium, and the wide-mouth on this is quite appealing as well.

tk:aro initially launched with a crowd-source type campaign, and on their site they have broken linkage to a “new” campaign, but I’m assuming they never reached their goal to get back into production. Reading reviews, the container was so-so. Glass breaks, of course, and the metal was apparently unceremoniously affixed to the glass with glue.

But I still want one, or at least as something as potentially conversation-starting as this one. It’d be an easy segue into talking to people about Soylent at work or wherever. That, and I want to feel like I’m in Minority Report or something… Does that technically mean I’m LARPing my way to better health? :smile:


Perhaps this has been discussed already, but I’m truly shocked that there isn’t an “official” Soylent-branded insulated drinking vessel. Given how many people would probably love to proudly display the Soylent logo/name on their bottle at work or wherever, I would think this would have been an absolute obvious no-brainer for the Soylent crew to make available at launch.

Or is there such a thing and I just missed it?


I’m still holding out for a Soylent Onesie for the newest family member…


Don’t forget the onesies for the rest of us. Need to get the whole family in on that action :slight_smile:


now that v1.0 is shipping and once reorders are under control i have a feeling they will branch out with such products ::fingers crossed…

also…the backerkit extra add ons seemed like a bit of a fail…once they have the official regular online store for reorders it will be a more familiar place to order such products.


custom industrial quick-disconnect fittings with a bite valve, which I installed. Also a exstension tube turning, it into a camle pack when needed.


I love the idea of hanging this in the office and just leaning over whenever I get a bit hungry. The hamster feeder for humans has arrived at last!


My husband’s and my battle gear are a little more prosaic than the hamster feeder. (I guess you can tell which are mine and which are his.) :slight_smile:

I hope I don’t regret getting one tumbler cup instead of buying two sealable bottles.

The metal one on the end is for those days when it’s rush to work, then do work, then rush to after work stuff, with no time to go by home. I have a fridge at work, so it should be fine.