Show us your battle stations


Though it would be cool to show/share battle stations or mixing setups so others can see. Here is mine…

The scale is amazing and measures to .01g.
I stickered each ingredient with the amount of grams per.
I make six batches at a time in the plastic containers I got from Ikea for like $5.00.
I blend the next days batch at night at pour into a 2qt pitcher which I keep in the fridge. Something about letting it set overnight makes everything gel nicely together and gets it nice and cold.



Looks kinda like a derivative of people chow. But wheres your carb?

And what is MCT oil? i just started seeing that in some recipes but am not familiar with it.


My recipe is very low carb. That smaller container of Whey protein is actually coconut flour. I’m using a recipe based off QuidNYC’s Ongoing Keto recipe. See his notes on the MCT oil, it is supposed to help ketosis, and diabetic control but is also good for keeping the omega ratio in check. Right now mine is at 2:1. In other words, it’s great for folks who need calories from things other than carbs. Like me.

This is the recipe I am using:


I tend to experiment a lot :smiley:


Nice. You put beer in your Soylent! That’s awesome.


These are great, definitely looking forward to seeing more! @ElCarnicero, would you have any objections if I posted your pic (linked to this thread) on Soylent’s social media accounts?


Feel free to do so :slight_smile:



(goes to take a photo of his entire pantry)

What? I really like to experiment! Today was pumpkin cheesecake soylent…


Beer is great for adding carbonation if you’re baking. It also provides a great bready flavor profile.


Saw this in the middle of making it
Macro station:

Micro & Mixing station:


I have been doing 2-4 weeks at a time using the cheap plastic containers to mix daily powders (I found that shaking a plastic tub is easier mixing than stirring in a bowl), then pouring the tubs into jars. Lining out several tubs also saves a lot of prep time as you can weigh out a single ingredient in an assembly line fashion. The individual powders are stored in airtight containers, the scale is good from .01g-500g.

The mixing station…

The ingredients as stored…

The result…

I forgot to set the oils out when I took the photos, but am weighing them into the amber jars above when I mix the powder. The finished product is using a one quart mason jar for the daily powder and a 60ml jar for the daily oils. I have also ordered some 120ml jars in anticipation of trying out a keto recipe.


at @kennufs you see industrialization kicking in :stuck_out_tongue:

My protosylent has only has 5 ingredients (use it as an energy shake for worktime) so battlestation is not worth posting


Here is mine (in video form!)

Help me get started with DIY Soylent

Ah yes. Your video gave me the last push to get started after seeing how easy it was. Thank you very much!


It took a few days to get this post together, as I only make up batches once a week, and seeing as a live in a building with shared communal cooking facilities, the rest of the time my ingredients live in a few bags like this:

![]( =800x600)

And on batch assembly day, I choose a time when the dining area is not too busy and take over a table. Here’s a snap of the area just after making a batch today:

As you can see it has been arranged for the photo, and things to note are:

  • Mortar and pestle for grinding up pills.
  • Scissors for cutting gel caps in half
  • Mini digital scales for making me look like Walter White cooking up an illicit product
  • cocoa and flavourings are if I want to change it up on the day. Shown here for dramatic effect
  • Tall containers hold 1.8 litres of soylent. I weigh the powders into each container and seal it till the day before. I then fill it up with water, give it a shake, add the oils (I measure them on the day), and top it up to the brim with water, shake again and chill overnight.

Here’s one shortly before my last meal is blended:

Being blended:

And the “daily battle station” shortly before being packed away


@sharkerty, @ElCarnicero, @kennufs – Nice! I’ll have to post one of my own the next time I prepare a batch of 1-2 weeks’ worth. It might be about that long though, since I have some on hand and will be traveling on business for a while.


ditto…ur video is the what made me pull the “place order” trigger on my first DIY order…thanks chris.

unless i have an awful experience…in that case…screw you chris and I blame you entirely for everything wrong in my life ::smile:


I LLOL’d. Hey man - no refunds.


but seriously thanks for the video…i get stuck in worrying about how exactly its done…something so complex to hit most of your bodies needs seems like it should me more complex…my brain started to look for problems…what am i missing…i know its gotta be more complex…seeing you do it made me finally just accept that it doesnt have to be hard…maybe tuning the recipe will be but measuring out and throwing ingrets together is simple and now i feel more comfortable taking the step. thanks again


Apparently only men in the United States watch it =)