Sick from Soylent 1.2... Stringy consistency?


I recently just tried Soylent 1.2 for the first time, and the more I drink, the worse I feel. Instant stomach discomfort.

I’m not sure if it’s part of the new version, but the taste and consistency has changed drastically. I noticed that when popping open my blender bottle, the Soylent would be sticky and stringy from the cap to the lid. It almost tastes “lumpy” as well, although there’s no actual solid clumps in it.

This stringy consistency was concerning, as it certainly isn’t normal and definitely caught my attention. Mixed with the combined change in taste, which I find quite drastic, I am extremely unsatisfied with this batch. Normally, a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup would change the entire taste. I put more than that it, and can barely taste anything over the Soylent.

This isn’t a batch that went bad by any means… I’m drinking it within 24 hours and it was refrigerated the whole time. I’m doing nothing different from my normal routine.

Could I have received a tainted batch? I can’t believe that any of this is normal. Has anyone else noticed this stringy type of consistency?


Wow this doesn’t at all resemble my one taste of 1.2 so far (just a couple hours ago). I felt it was identical in every respect to 1.0 in terms of consistency. Are you careful to shake it well before every drink? Even just sitting in a bottle for an hour or two I’m always sure to shake well before drinking. Not sure what else to suggest!


I think it’s possible that you might not like the taste of a perfectly good batch, considering the lack of enzymes is probably leaving it as slightly less sweet/oatier than it was before. “Stringy” is what is concerning here, I would immediately try a bag from another box (provided you have one unopened) before touching anything else from the box you’ve sampled. I’ve had some clumping on the lid from the initial shaking but nothing resembling strings or strands.


That’s what I thought too. I’ll try it over the weekend.


Of course. Like I said, I’ve been on Soylent for over a month, so I know how it should work. This is just clearly different.


Were you originally drinking 1.0, or have you only had 1.1 and 1.2?


Please confirm you’re disassembling your pitcher and washing both silicone seals, too, if you mix in the Takeya… you may be inadvertently culturing your own product.


Yes, I have been washing them throughly.

Normally I hand wash them, and then recently I ran them through the dishwasher as well for a double clean.


I’ve had all 3 actually. Started on 1.0, last batch was 1.1, current batch is 1.2.


I’m pretty new to Soylent consumption (just got my shipment this week) so I’m not an expert, but… stringy sounds concerning. I haven’t seen any of that and if I did, I don’t think I’d dare to consume it. Are the other packets you have doing the same thing? I’d assume there must be something wrong with that batch.


I’ve noticed this too when using a blender bottle or immersion blender, using a regular blender eliminates that though. I use chocolate syrup also.


I have not noticed any gooey, stringy behavior but i have noticed that as it dries, like at the lid of my blender it does form a crust from the drying product trapped between the lid and the jar.


Yeah I see a little of that sometimes too around the lid if a little sloshes out at any point. But definitely no stringies…


i use a regular blender, and I’ve been noticing the same thing: the stringiness is sort of strings of soylent about 1/2 cm long that cling to the edges of containers. also the texture is oddly uneven, sort of like its clumpy without clumps, if that makes any sense.


This is exactly what I have described before. As you drink it, it feels clumpy, but moving your tongue through it… you don’t feel anything. But as your drink it, you definitely feel it.

“Uneven texture” is the best description I think.


using the blender may have to do with how you do it… as posted elsewhere I put in half the ‘jar’ of room temp water, get the blender going and pour the pouch slowly into the majestic whirlpool formed grin… then the oil and more water to top. blend for 30 seconds more then refrigerate. I wait 2-3 hours at least for consumption.

I’m curious, how does your process differ (if at all)? perhaps… ?


Mine is very similar. I use hot water instead (it helps the consistency… or at least did with both v1.0 and v1.1). I also add the oil last, but that’s not a big deal. I also usually let it sit overnight before I drink it.


Oh hang on a sec… you use hot water?? I believe that could have an awful lot to do with a change in consistency… anyone else concur?


I think a lot of people are trying to single out something he is doing that is wrong, but if nothing has changed in his preparation from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2, then the change must be in the product (or his perceptions…)


Hot water will cook the proteins… I’m not sure if it will cause “stringy” in Soylent; my heating experiments were all done with my DIY, which is whey-based. When I nuke in the microwave, it first causes soft blobs, like egg white turning solid, and then it turns to spoon bread.

I imaging pouring hot water in to mix can have a similar cooking effect, and I don’t know if the rice protein would lead to stringiness… but it’s a definite possibility. Proteins can be elastic. Gluten makes pizza dough stretch. Proteins make string cheese stringy.