Significant amounts of something in the macronutrients?


I know about Manganese and Molybdenum in Oats. Also, Vitamin E in grapeseed and canola oil

Considering Whey Isolate, Maltodextrin and Olive Oil, do you think the micronutrients in those are near zero and negligable or is there anything significant? I couldn’t get any info from manufacturers as of now.


I’m not sure of its accuracy, but this app can be very use as a guide. Note its not my app, original post can be found here.


This website will break it all down for you. It even has some specific brands of proteins and whatnot. You can enter your serving amount and it will tell you exactly what is there. Very useful for calculating your micros.

EDIT: I should say that you need to click on the “See full information” button at the bottom of the nutrition facts window to see the micro breakdown.


So I found out that Olive and Canola oils have a high Vitamin E and K content.
Also, that 100g maltodextrin is only 90g carbs (lol?)
Sadly the data isn’t close to complete…


…100g of my maltodextrin has 90g of carbs…

I’m also not sure if you’re using my source or willy’s. They use a lot of specific brands on cronometer.