Silence from Soylent on Subscription Stoppage


Well, let’s try this again… I was charged on Saturday for my next (January) subscription payment (invoice 32637). Still haven’t received my December subscription for which I was charged (invoice 23300). Email after email, post after post, can’t seem to reach anyone for an answer @Soylent.
A week ago today, I had an email from a rep named “Mugeni” who claimed my subscription would ship last week. Clearly that never happened, and any attempt to reply to “Mugeni” again multiple times has been met with complete silence.

I have been supplementing 2 of my 3 meals a day with Soylent for three months now, I love it, and I’m totally hooked and am also totally out of it at this point. My energy levels have plummeted, my moods are all over the place, and my body is beginning to feel like crap.

If we’re to believe the legends, and @Rob has been living on Soylent for over a year now, I’d like to ask him just how he’d feel if his supply was suddenly cut off without a word of explanation??

I’ve been telling everyone how great this company and product is, and as a very very loyal customer, I feel completely stabbed in the back by this total (frankly incredibly rude) lack of communication. One of the things I loved about this start-up was its openness and how focused it seemed on listening to and respecting customer feedback. It’s hard not to feel like that’s completely gone out the window at this point. You’re shipping orders for new customers over loyal, subscribing customers, and then you won’t even have the integrity to say what’s going on?
Business public relations ethics: Don’t lie to people. Communicate. Make it right. (Someone should be sitting down to this forum and every email and overnighting missing subscriptions. NO more form emails, NO more empty apologies, NO more lies about shipping that never happens.) This really shouldn’t be that hard.

Has anyone who was shorted their December subscription had any luck at all? Anyone manage to reach a real human being?


I saw some people had luck getting in touch with them, but it’s been a few days since @Soylent replied to anyone on the forum (weekend even considered). It seems something went completely wrong in December… and they are now “silent” because they are working hard to fix it (I think) We seen them go silent before, where they then pop up and apologize afterwards and explain what happened.

But one thing they should have learned by now is that silence is this worst they can do.


Exactly. It would be much easier to be patient if they would just communicate. As it is, I have no idea what’s happening, if I’ll ever receive my order, or if anyone is even getting my inquiries. They were very good toward the beginning of being up front about their supply or manufacturing issues that would cause backups. I waited through several delays over many months before receiving my first order, and it was ok because I knew what to plan on. But to get two subscriptions and then just have them cut off without any sort of explanation or acknowledgement of questions is creating a major hardship for me. Beyond physical aspects of switching back to solid food, I only have so much money to budget for food each month. Soylent has now taken two months’ worth of my budget but not delivered, and I have to figure out how to buy solid food all of a sudden. And I have no way of knowing if this will happen next month too…


Yeah, I got billed wednesday for my january shipment but, so far, no shipment.


It’s understandable they have issues. They have a large volume and are still learning how to ship quickly. I’m sure things are crazy @Soylent headquarters everyday.

However, no communication like this is very poor customer service. And very frustrating from a consumer standpoint.

They made a blog post on 1/14/15, that would have been a great time to make an announcement discussing the issue. Or at least acknowledging it.

This no communication hopefully won’t continue as the company grows.

If @Soylent reads this please see: my issue here, thanks.


@Soylent, @rob
I finally got the following response yesterday (1/20) from “Mugeni” who was the original rep who contacted me on 1/12:

"I apologize for the terrible experience you have had with both our customer service and shipping process.

There was a glitch in our customer service software program which prevented me from accessing email responses. On January 12, I sent you an email saying we would ship your undelivered reorder in the next week which started yesterday. Unfortunately, your order has not yet yet generated a tracking number but you should receive one any day now. I understand that you have been billed for both your December and January but I can not combine them at this time a your earlier orders had already been confirmed at the warehouse. Your January order will ship shortly after your December order."

There are so many things wrong with this. First, on 1/12, s/he said my order would ship “in the next week.” That was the specific quote. To me, “in the next week” should mean shipping between 1/12 and 1/19, not after 1/19. I’m not sure if there’s a language barrier that happened here, or if it was a direct attempt to mislead and/or backpedal on the original promise.
Then, to say there was a glitch that wouldn’t allow her/him to see my responses is very funny considering I replied to Mugeni on 1/12 with another question about combining my orders, and s/he was able to see that reply in order to write back on 1/13. So…when did this magical glitch happen that wouldn’t allow you to see my replies?
I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt, but I also can’t help feeling like lies are being told and excuses are being made. I’m not sure what is worse. The complete silence and lack of communication or the assumption that your customers are complete idiots. It’s pretty much the first rule in business public relations ethics to not lie to your customers.
And what about this “you should receive a tracking number any day now.” LOL. What does that even mean? Oh my God, Soylent, could you please empower your customer service people to know anything about what’s going on? How can you expect people to answer inquiries if they don’t even know what’s happening? At least before you were telling people they would get a tracking number in 5-7 business days. Now it’s "Oh, you should get a number…at some point."
I’ve worked in customer service for most of my life (including for some new companies), and I can’t think of a single company I’ve worked for that would have allowed these kinds of things to happen. Are you the Comcast of the food world now? YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. Please at least try.


This is increasingly how I feel about the whole situation. I’ve been lucky in my personal experience with the Soylent team but there are a lot of signs on this forum that things are not as they should be. People are quick to point out that they’re being inundated with orders and doing their best, that they’ve accomplished something really impressive since starting the kickstarter campaign, and that we should all be patient, etc, but there is SO much room for improvement.

Like, for example, taking some of that multiple-millions-of-investment-dollars they just received to hire a full time community manager/PR person to actually let us know what’s going on.


I can guess that your February order will be delivered soon as well.
It’s January 21 LOL.

You will get 3 months supply in early February instead of receiving one order per month :slight_smile:


1/12 is Monday.
If somebody would say for me during phone call on Monday that he can have interview with our company “on the next week” - I would definitely think about next full week not the current week that is already started. I think it’s definitely language barrier here.


I’m getting pissed off, my shipment for this month never came even though they charged me for it. Now they’re trying to charge me again even though I didn’t get my recent shipment. I can’t log into the main account for some reason in order to temporarily cancel my subscription.


Well, since we got silence to deal with, who would like to speculate on reasons?

Is it Soylent Red?


i hope not, would hate to pay ebay prices again. If i could take back those posts, even though flavor did change a bit with those select bags, i would if it meant no delay in shipments. @Soylent has incredibly strange priorities, the higher ones being superficial.


RIGHT. How was hiring a customer service team/PR team not the first thing they did? I understand if they were trying to go with the whole open-source model and build a community, but then they should’ve stuck with that. Clearly they’ve abandoned that completely as no one seems to be reading this forum anymore, and the blog updates have stopped.
I get if they’re trying to work out shipping and software glitches, but they could at least be keeping us informed of what’s going on. This sudden silence creates fear and mistrust in your brand, especially coming off of such a good record of keeping people informed. This really isn’t that hard of a concept. If someone would just tell me what is happening, I could plan and stop freaking out.


I guess…but they said “in the next week” on a Monday. If they’d said that on a Friday or even a Wednesday, I would assume it meant next week. But on a Monday, saying “in the next week” and not just “next week” denotes that it should be shipping between Monday and Friday. In any case, I can’t help feeling like vague language was used here intentionally considering the other replies I’ve gotten. Other people are getting “your order will ship in the next 3-5 business days.” I get “in the next week” and “should ship any day now.”


I would like to try a regular subscription but if Soylent can’t keep me supplied I just wont take the chance. Too bad.

I ordered in May of '14 and received my first food in November…



This is exactly why I cancelled my original backer order back in August, back when I didn’t know when they would EVER ship out my order as a backer.

Delay after delay, silence after silence, and larger orders going out first (no matter if thy are new or not)

I just read that soylent raised another round of millions of dollars to fix their shipping issue (what happened to the kickstarted money?)

If this issue doesn’t get fixed now, then I am 100% sure this business is in over its head; which is a shame.

At this point my best bet for ever trying soylent is craigslist or eBay… So why do we need rosa labs?


… So they can make it in the first place…

I was hoping you never came back haha, your complaining on the forum became too annoying back then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also have a subscription and was billed in the beginning of January and have not received a shipment notification yet. I’ve tried contacting them via email, PM, and through multiple forums over the past several weeks but have received no response. It’s extremely irritating. They’ve billed me, told me that I was going to be receiving my Soylent in 1-2 weeks as a returning customer, and then when they’ve failed to fulfill their obligations, they don’t respond to inquires about why my order is delayed. @Soylent


Their dishonesty is what irks me the most. The initial series of delay after delay was one thing, but when I started to get frustrated after 8 months, the attempts at deception that followed should have been clue enough that this company wasn’t honest about anything they said. After last claiming they were “shipping soon” in September, I finally received an email in mid-November that my shipping labels were printed and I could expect it in less than a week. Three weeks later and the tracking link still said “shipping labels printed” and nothing else. I emailed and a week later was told “your order shipped, not sure what’s wrong with FedEx”. I was skeptical, but they did actually send the order a couple weeks later.

I tried it, loved it, and placed a subscription the first week of January. They confirm my subscription and send another “shipping labels printed” email. A couple weeks later and no word, I realize that the email was the exact same one they sent in mid-November that never shipped. Same order number, same delivery estimates. That’s all I’ve received from them and obviously, like everyone else, have not received a response to my inquiries. I’m due to be charged again soon and I have no idea when I can expect the order I already paid for.

I can’t think of any other company that can pull this crap and still retain a customer base. There’s only so much lying people will take, even if the product is great and unique.


They have been replying a lot lately on twitter if anyone is curious.