Simple question: do backers have any priority in subscription orders?


I finally received my backer order and it’s everything I hoped for. Now I want to have a continuous supply after my 1 month runs out. If I order the 1 month subscription today- am I in the very back of the queue? (4 to 5 months?)


People who have already received Soylent orders get priority on re-orders. The wait time for re-orders is 2 weeks, so if you want more before you run out you should make sure to place your re-order while you have at least 2 weeks of your existing Soylent left (and maybe a couple extra days of wiggle room to be safe)


so there is no distinction between backer and non-backer orders? I guess since they still have to finish the backer orders first, so by definition all the re-orders have been to backers anyways…
guess I was worried for nothing!


There is no distinction between backers and pre-orders (orders before late April 2014, I forget the exact cutoff date). All of those orders are shipping together, by order size (2 months before 1 month, 1 month before 2 weeks, etc). But there is a distinction between backer/pre orders and regular orders. Once all initial orders from backers and pre-orders have shipped, then they will begin shipping initial “regular” orders (orders placed after the April 2014 cutoff date). BUT in parallel with shipping all of the initial orders, people re-ordering get priority so that once someone gets Soylent they should have a continuous supply.


Seems like most people have been getting a reshipment in around a week. Expect a few extra days the farther you are from the west coast. :stuck_out_tongue:


ok thanks for the clarification guys. So I should not worry about the customer portal page that says:

Signed up on 18-Aug-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.


So long as your email is the same as your backer, it should just ship sooner. If it’s not, email them and let them know of your different email.