Simply Soylent chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies(tm)


I originally posted this in the Soylent muffins thread, but thought people might want to find it easily on its own so… here ya go:

1 cup Soylent 1.4
1 Tbls Cacao (as opposed to Cocoa) powder
1/4 cup mini chocolate-chips
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbls maple syrup
2 Tbls + 1 tsp water

Drop heaping spoonfulls (I suggest using two spoons) on a greased cookie sheet, bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes then remove from pan and enjoy.

These are IMHO OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Their texture is absolutely perfect… slightly crispy on the outside, perfectly soft but not at all gooey on the inside. Not even a whiff of the sunflower in Soylent 1.4. They are pretty light chocolate, just enough to make them pleasant and (I believe) mask the sunflower. I’ve had two in the last 5 minutes and it’s all I can do to keep from eating the entire pan (this made 10 cookies, adjust ingredient quantities to taste).

By far the best Soylent cookies I’ve ever had, and quite possibly the best Soylent baked good so far. Absolutely deeeeelicious.


I don’t believe that is trademark-able.


LOL I’m gonna go out on a limb and hope you were just running with my joke… :wink:


Seems that might be an acceptable alternative for the brownie Kickstarters…


I actually just sent out an update to my backers about these, and I’ve decided to include cookies in addition to brownies, since I’m frustratingly overdue. Now I need to finally nail brownies. I think one thing that might help is the new mini muffin tins. Since crust is such a vital part of a good brownie, making “brownie bites” so to speak, ensures that every one has its full share of crust. Going to try a batch shortly…


Ah, I never check the email I used for that Kickstarter.


Oh boy have you got some catching up to do. :wink:


Well the first batch of cookies has already vanished. I suspected they wouldn’t make it through the night. I swear they were worse than Lay’s potato chips… no way I could eat just one. Or two. Or three. Or… well yeah. They’re gone.

Brownies in the oven now… really hope they turn out good!


Might have to try these tomorrow. I haven’t been able to get used to 1.4’s taste quite like I did with 1.3’s.


Yeah I’m shocked at how awesome these turned out since they’re made with 1.4. I think it’s the chocolate that masks that flavor. Whatever the reason, it’s great that I now have an excellent alternative way to use up any 1.4 that we can’t make acceptable to drink. :slight_smile:


Bah… another brownie fail. But this one was at least partially due to pilot error, I used too much salt. Next!


I’m trying a full size (1 bag Soylent) batch of cookies now. Makes between 3-4 dozen depending on cookie size, and I had to increase the water slightly. Will know how they came out shortly!


Well they could have used maybe 5 more minutes in the oven. Maybe a larger batch needs more time… I wasn’t sure how that worked. They’re still delicious but they’re a little extra soft in the middles. Might be perfect tomorrow though, we shall see.


I can just slightly taste the sunflower in this batch. Might have needed just a touch more vanilla. Still, this batch of about 42 cookies is not going to last long, of that I’m sure,


Well they did indeed firm up on the insides overnight and are once again delicious. With this batch I am slightly aware of the sunflower-ness, though for me it’s not a deal breaker… just gives them a very slightly odd extra flavor that I can mostly overlook. Other than that my one wish is that they could be pressed down a bit so that they come out thinner, but the batter is so sticky that any pressing just causes it to stick to the object being used to press.


This is my first solid soylent, so I didn’t really know what to expect.
They came out looking like this:

(Notice one is missing :smile: )
No idea why they didn’t assume the cookie shape, but whatever.
Overall, it’s pretty good.
They mostly tasted like chocolate, though I still got a little bit of the sunflower taste (I don’t hate the sunflower taste as much as @vanclute, but not a huge fan of it).
I followed the recipe except substituting the cocoa with cacao (didn’t have).

Edit: Just realized that I completely forgot vanilla extract!
After cooling about 15 minutes, the sunflower taste is completely gone. Now they just taste like normal chocolate chocolate chip cookies! Probably would be even better if I could remember all of the ingredients.


LOL yes, adding all the ingredients does help. Not that I know that from experience. Ahem.

That is odd that they didn’t assume a more normal cookie shape. No idea what would account for that. Wouldn’t think vanilla would matter in that regard but what do I know. Maybe an altitude difference?? Now I’m reaching.

I would love to figure out the real nutritional content of these cookies. Just doing some mental math it seems like they would be awfully nutritious when compared to conventional cookies. Especially with the sweet coming from maple syrup rather than refined sugar. All I know for certain is, I haven’t been able to stop eating them. Went through well over a dozen yesterday alone. Probably gonna finish up the entire batch shortly in fact. Somehow they are way way more addictive to me than regular cookies.


Well, that batch is now gone. I think next time I want to try reducing the cacao powder. They’re good but I’m not actually a massive chocolate fan, would love these to be more like regular cookies. I think I’d like to try a batch of peanut butter cookies too using PB2.


I can think of a few possible things

  1. I live just a few dozen feet above sea level. If you’re at the top of a mountain, then maybe?
  2. Ovens a few degrees off?
  3. I used a pan that doesn’t have sides. I saw in earlier pictures that yours does
  4. (Probably this one) I mixed the dough with a spoon. I was planning to use something better, but the bowl was too small for any mixing gadgets. So it wasn’t mixed the best. I also used closer to 3 T. Water.


OK probably not altitude then… I’m in Silicon Valley so, not exactly high up. Probably slightly higher than you but I doubt that would matter. I mixed everything with a very stiff spatula, maybe it was the pan or oven or who knows. The most important thing is that they are tasty. :smile:

We’ve already been jonesing for more. I think I need to make another stab at Soylent bars, as consuming all those chocolate chips all the time probably isn’t the best idea if this is going to become a staple. But really I need to figure out brownies above all. It’s maddening how much trouble they’ve been giving me. Maybe I should just try a batch using 1.4… heck they might actually work better.