Single meal preparation v1.4?


I am confused as to how to prepare a single 500 calorie meal using the new 1.4 formula. I have a 1/2 meal scoop from when I received my 1.3 formula a couple months ago, and so far have prepared 2 “meals” from a single bag of 1.4. What I’ve been doing is two scoops of powder and 4 scoops of water, aiming for a single serving of 500 calories, but after taking out 4 scoops of powder for these two meals, it looks like i don’t have enough for 4 more scoops leading me to believe that I have been preparing more than one serving.
Any advice?


My first, and snarky, thought is to use less powder. My second thought is why are you bothering with making 500 calorie meal when it would be easier to just make a regular sized Soylent meal? They have said at some point they will sell new scoops that fit the 500 calorie suggestion. Till then ignore the service size suggestion.


1 1/2 old scoops = 500 cal.


I received my first ever shipment of Soylest last week, prepared it today for the first time, and found the same thing. I think I’ve figured it out.

A single pouch is supposed to have 4 meals. A pouch is 16 oz., which means that a single meal uses 4 oz. of Soylent. However, the starter kit includes a 4.5 oz. scoop, which is labeled as “1/2 meal”. This is clearly incorrect.

To get a single meal, you should be scooping 4 oz. of Soylent, so just use a standard 1/2 cup measuring spoon.

Assuming that the scoop really was 1/2 of a meal using the 1.3 formula, that would mean the 1.3 formula had 3 meals in a 27 oz. bag, rather than the 16 oz. bag that 1.4 uses.


Be careful that you’re not confusing 4 oz (as in a quarter of a pound) and 4 fluid oz (half a cup).

BTW, I found that once I transferred the Soylent from the bag to a regular container, that weighing using a teaspoon was the best way to do individual blender bottles. I prefer grams for that because then there is no doubt what type of quantity I am using.



Oops, I guess I was making that mistake. I just tried scooping more out, and it looks like the pouch had roughly 6 scoops worth, which I guess is what should be expected if the scooper were sized for a 3-meal pouch.


If you have a kitchen scale, it’s very easy. Put the cup on the scale, zero it (tare weight button), put in 115 g of Soylent, zero it again, and put in 405 g of water. (Ignoring slight changes for temperature and pressure, a mL of water weighs one gram.)


Here’s the scale I use:


I’m going to second the use of a scale. I have a terrible time measuring powders with a measuring cup. Especially if I want to get the stuff into the narrow opening of a typical blender bottle. The scale is the way to go. I did something else with the water, however. I kept a cup with 450 ml in it in the fridge so it was measured and cold. Slop some into the blender bottle. Zero the scale. Add the 115 g (or thereabouts) of Soylent. Rest of water. Shake.