Single Order Overcharge

I ordered $306 worth of Soylent. The company charge me $806 with no indication as to why. Customer service has not returned my emails yet. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Also, you can private message him. He should respond. (Click his name above this sentence, then click “Message”.)

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I have forwarded this on, pm me with your email so I can help resolve the issue.

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I received a response from customer service. Evidently there are hidden shipping costs that do not show up on the mobile site. I am currently inquiring about a refund as these shipping costs seem incredibly high to me.

Since when? I thought the shipping costs were built in to the cost of the product. The last time I ordered there were no additional shipping charges.

Has this changed recently?

$500 for shipping 84 or more bottles? Do you live on the moon?

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Shipping? I’m guessing Hawaii or Alaska?

Hardly, I live in the city with the second busiest air cargo hub in the US.

Gotta be a mistake then. Right?!

Ah, the second busiest US air cargo hub is in Alaska, right? Pretty messed up that it didn’t tell you about the extra shipping cost. I hope they give you a refund and a free T-shirt, in the very least.

Edit: yupyup, Alaska, if Wikipedia is to be trusted. Please tell me if I’m wrong though.

Website says free shipping to continental US. Alaska is part of the continental US.

They probably mean contiguous United States, not continental United States.

It should be changed. @Conor

I could buy an airline ticket to Missouri, take a taxi to the plant, get the bottles, take a taxi back, buy another ticket back to anchorage flying the bottles in my luggage, and that whole adventure would still be cheaper than the shipping fees that Soylent is charging.

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Changed AFTER they honor any orders made based on free shipping to the continental US.


@Conor here is where it says it currently that I could find:


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It seems like shipping to some parts of Canada (which is free shipping) would be harder to get to & more expensive than Alaska.

Either way, $500 seems excessive.


It looks like they fixed the shipping not displaying on the Single Order page, but the Subscription page still has the same issue.

What is more of an issue is the $500 charged in the first place, which Soylent has yet to address.

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If they’re shipping to the territories, yeah. I imagine they do charge at least $500 extra for shipping if they ship there at all. A jar of Cheez Wiz costs $23 USD/$30 CAD in Iqaluit because of the shipping expense. But the rest of Canada is just as accessible as the northern U.S.

Here is a population map of Canada. 90% of the population lives within 160 km (100 miles) of the Canada-U.S. border. The black areas on the map, the “sparsely populated” zones are almost entirely untouched wilderness with no roads, no railways, no human settlement of any kind. It’s an endless uninhabited expanse, most of which has probably never been seen by human eyes. There are a few seasonal ice roads that trucks can take into some of the black “sparsely populated” expanse that lead to tiny First Nations communities like Attawapiskat.

The only way to travel to Nunavut is by plane — there are no roads that go there. Food and other cargo is sent to Iqaluit annually by ship. You can drive to the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. I think it’s the same route you would take to drive to Alaska.

Contrast this with a population map of the U.S. The entire contiguous U.S. is inhabited.


It still says “Free shipping to the continental United States and Canada.” on that mobile screenshot you provided, and on the full website screenshot I attached above.

continental United States = lower 48 + Alaska
contiguous United States = lower 48

I wonder what would happen if someone from way out in the middle of nowhere (but still in Canada) tried to order?

Would they send the scuba diver from the end of the commercial to make the delivery? (Apparently he delivers to islands so maybe…)

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