Single order shipped multiple times. Happy ending


I initially ordered a 1 month subscription in October. As many of us experienced, RL’s limited production capacity couldn’t keep up with the demand, and I didn’t receive my order until March. I received one more in April before losing the card I was using for payment. I allowed my subscription to expire as I had a stockpile to work through from my two shipments and some supplemental eBay orders and the few weeks I bought off of a friend. As I was nearing the end, I updated my payment info and began my monthly subscription again.

I was thrilled my order was shipped a couple of days after I ordered, and the three tracking numbers had it due to arrive within a week. The fact that three packages had been shipped should have tipped me off, but I figured I was receiving a couple of weeks in one, and the other two weeks in the other two separate packages. I didn’t expect what happened next.

I came home to not one, not two, but THREE full months of Soylent. When I initially placed the order, I was charged for two subscriptions. But a quick email to Customer Care had a chargeback initiated for the second order before shipping was arranged. Even if this was part of the error, it doesn’t explain the third month of Soylent v1.4 I received.

I paused my subscription again and notified Customer Care of the mistake. Although I love Soylent, I wasn’t prepared to pay for 2 additional months. They apologized and told me to enjoy the free orders. Over all, this shipping mistake is probably the first that didn’t upset me. Quite the opposite.


Thanks for reporting! Too many people who report problems never let us know about the resolution. And we care.


I thoroughly scoured the forums to see if there were similar experiences, and only came across one other example from last year. Over all, I received prompt and friendly replies and free food was a classy touch. Thanks for the stellar customer service. It’s nice to see short shipping times and a larger staff. RL is clearly trying to remedy the issues that plagued the first year of business.


Same thing happened to me. I just gave it away.