Single serving mix ratio. keep this thread simple


Yes. American measurements are about as logical as the yellow phone book that shows up on your doorstep year after year. But were Americans. We don’t change, we continue to subsidize the yellow pages and toss that hectacre of rain forest wood aside and move on with life. As such, I have no way of measuring your wonderful metric volumes.
I started soylent because I’m lazy. The jug was great until I lost it. I did the calculator thing and found that three 16 oz servings is all I need in the day, which happens to fit perfectly in arrowhead 16 oz water bottles.
Can someone please do the math and tell me how much of this stuff to put in a 16 oz serving?
And if you could, do the same for a 12 oz for those of us who need less.
Please keep it simple- the other threads got too convoluted arguing density and converting ml to dry ounces etc.


Math geek to the rescue. For 16 oz put 1.5 scoops (I’m assuming you still have the scoop) of powder and 1 tablespoons of the oil. For 12oz put 1 scoop and 2.5 teaspoons of oil. The math isn’t perfect not perfect but its close enough. The last bottles won’t get exactly the same amount of powder and oil as the rest but as long as you drink all of them by the end of the day it won’t matter.


My math roughly agrees with horsfield’s. If you use his numbers, your fourth meal will be about 20% bigger than the previous meals


oh. And you will need 4 16 oz or 5 12oz.


Sigh… Don’t have the scoop either haha
I travel between my moms, dads and fiances houses throighout the week- one of my main reasons for starting this actually.
So, like most of my other belongings, they get scattered about and I likely have the scoop at one house, the jug at another and I’m at the wrong house for any of it. Luckily I just got my months worth supply in and stocked up each house with a case.
can ya tell me how many tablespoons/ cups / dry ounces etc fit in a scoop? I lost the scooper and can’t quite figure out how to convert grams or ounces in weight to volume of powder.
Thank you!


Well that sucks… You can always just eyeball it. As long as the bottles are the same size just fill them till they are about the same. Then guess with the oil. As long as you consume an entire bag and bottle by the end of the day you know you got everything.

Of course that doesn’t work if your just refilling one bottle over and over again :smile:


I tend to do about 1 cup soylent powder to 2 cups water. I think the total recipe uses about 6 cups water. So I just figured since the ratio of soylent to water is roughly 1:2 I would just cut it in thirds


Found my scooper. One soylent scoop is just Shy of 2/3 cup.
Very frustrating @Soylent that you label things like your scoop as 1/2 meal and neglect to put any other volume labels and you throw quarts, ML and ounces all on the same page yet label the pouches as weight… Very difficult to get a generic serving size calculated out.


Sorry to hear the scoop doesn’t work well for you – until we make any updates to the scoop, we encourage you to find the ratio of Soylent to water that best fits your preferences. Thanks the feedback.