Single serving (or even half serving) powder?

I just got back from a two week vacation. I was trying to pack light (didn’t check any bags), and minimize hassles, so I left the Soylent behind and ate muggle food the whole time. Had some great meals, but especially towards the end I really missed Soylent, sometimes feeling hungry but nothing I could get was appetizing, I was really craving Soylent.

I thought about what would be the best way to use Soylent while travelling. I could have taken some Soylent power and a measuring scoop, but then I need the sacks or tubs, and measuring it out every day would be tough, and often I don’t have glasses that are big enough for a full Soylent meal. I have an idea for what I think would be the easiest way to get Soylent when travelling: What if there were packages with, say, 200KCal of powder. The packages could be baggies, or large vitamin-like gel caps, or tablets of powder pressed together, whatever. The idea is that you just get one, drop it into water, stir until it dissolves, then drink - that’s a half meal. If you want a full meal, just do it twice (or use a bigger glass and drop in two packages at once).

I realize that the extra packaging is somewhat wasteful, but if I wanted to travel and have Soylent easily available even in a hotel room or whatever with minimum fuss, that would be the best. Does that sound appealing to anybody else here?

I always take a bag of Soylent powder and a blender bottle with me on any trips. Scoop or dump in some powder up to one of the lines, add water, shake, and I’m good to go. (Note that TSA almost always makes me take out the powder bag and checks it for explosive chemicals)

That said, your idea would be very cool and convenient as well.

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They make portion containers for infant formula and protein powders that may work. You could use the scoop that I believe comes with everyone’s first powder shipment and measure out whatever serving size you want in them that will fit.

Or just sandwich baggies or small sealable plastic containers would work, too.

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I agree. Single or half serving bags would be great - much more convenient when mixing Soylent anywhere outside of the house, even if you are just somewhere local.

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