Sipping Soylent vs. drinking in bulk


I starting a little test this weekend to see if there is a big difference in the gas issue when drinking slower.

A little background: I’ve been drinking Soylent for 75% - 100% for a little over 1 month now. When I first started I was drinking a full days worth (2010 calories) every day. The first few days went fine, but after that I started having some troubles with bloating/gas… (I should say that at the beginning I was drinking full days worth of Soylent plus eating one meal for dinner, typically a grilled chicken breast or pork chop with a small salad). Somewhere around the second week I switched to drinking only 1500 calories/day with a small meal some days but not all. (I should also note that I usually had about one or two beers which depending on the type could be anywhere from an extra 150 - 300+ calories).

So even though I switched to the 1500 calories I was still getting the gas/bloating problems. Those problems have lessened since then but they have not gone away altogether. At this point I was drinking ‘meals’ of 500 calories 3 times a day.

My test now is to try drinking meals of 250 calories six times per day. It’s a little more inconvenient. With the 3 meals/day I would drink one before going to work, one at lunch, and one when I got home from work. In order to try the 6 meals/day I need to have it around almost all the time. But I figured starting this out on a Friday (yesterday) and doing it over the weekend would be a good time to start.

So far after one day it seems pretty good. I don’t have the feeling of needing to use the bathroom as much as I do with the 3 meal/day, at least so far.

So I’ll keep doing it like this for a few days and see if it helps, or eliminates, or has no effect on the gas/bloating problems.


I’d get some good gum while you do this! I recall reading somewhere on these boards that the maltodextrin combined with the small interval between drinks means that your teeth are basically swimming in bacteria food constantly, rather than your saliva having a chance to neutralize and wash away some of it.

Get some Trident or something along those lines for between “meals” :slight_smile:


I initially started drinking 15x100 calorie meals a day, had zero bloated or bubbly feeling, was never rver hungry and I’d poop around every 1.5-2 days but I still got the gas.

Now I usually drink 3x400 calorie drinks and finish off the rest in 3x100 calorie drinks. My stomach bubbles a lot more and occasionally feels bloated.

As for chewing gum, would drinking water with/between Soylent be enough? I must admit my gums did suffer a bit more when drinking in 100 calorie quantities.


For what it’s worth, the “data” in that thread is pretty thin and there was a very sane post made very recently, that casts pretty reasonable doubt on maltodextrin being as evil as it’s made out to be in the original post.

As for this post, it seems that the general consensus is that drinking more slowly is better for issues of gas/bloating. That being said, there are at least a few people who have had the exact opposite experience, so as with just about everything relating to personal health/nutrition/biology, your mileage may vary! :slight_smile:


I normally drink my soylent in ~350 Calorie small meals, over a half hour or more. Any larger amount or drinking it faster results in bloating for me, as well as heartburn occasionally. I end up with 4 small soylent meals and 1 regular meal (breakfast most times).


Can you try this:

Some have reported that it works well. Would like to get more data points if possible.