Sipreme: Soylent for Kiwis


Hey fellow Soylenteers. We have launched a New Zealand version of Soylent, Sipreme :grinning:

You can place your pre-orders on here, on our PledgeMe Page :tada: :confetti_ball:

Weโ€™ve recently been featured in the NZ Herald where Michelle Dickinson reviews Sipreme. Check it out here:

Please help us bring Soylent future food to New Zealand!


Good to see another new start up. Good luck with your funding. Iโ€™m in the UK so unfortunately I canโ€™t offer support but I can offer best wishes. I hope you succeed.


Thanks a lot mate! We appreciate it :smiley:


Unfortunately, Sipreme was mismanaged and scammed many NZers. We are owed over $200. They claimed the product was at the blenders 2 months ago and it was going to be blended over a month ago. The company is now in liquidation and many kiwis are out hundreds of dollars. Disappointing!


Confirmed: Sipreme Ltd in Liquidation per the NZ Companies Office.