[Skin Concerns] Do I have a rash or are these stretch marks?

Some days ago I tried Soylent for the first time (2.0 and the next morning I noticed this on my skin on my left upper arm so I stopped drinking it (not sure if Soylent had anything to do with it but I only noticed it the next day on my left arm)

Are these stretch marks or is it a rash?

that looks like stretch marks.


That’s what I think too, but to be safe I stopped drinking Soylent because I assumed it was an allergic reaction to Soylent – it only appeared after drinking Soylent. I’m not so sure anymore. :confused:

Definitely stretch marks.

Have you been losing or gained weight/muscle?


Have you been losing or gained weight/muscle?

I’ve gained weight and I already have stretch marks on the sides of my stomach too, but the red stretch marks on my arm only appeared after taking Soylent. I guess the timing is a coincidence and it’s not an allergic reaction then?

Correlation does not imply causation.
I have noticed that people attribute Soylent the most ridiculous things.
This should be called the Soylent Syndrome.


Never heard of stretch marks being a symptom of an allergic reaction. You wouldn’t be the first person to notice something and falsely attribute it to Soylent. The marks are more a symptom of your weight gain.


Ok, nevermind I realize now I was being too cautious. It’s definitely stretch marks and not an allergic reaction. Thanks for your help guys.

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Stretch marks are no fun, I have a few patches myself. But on the plus side, Soylent just so happens to be an excellent tool for precise calorie control if you’re planning to lose some of the weight you gained.

Also, welcome to the forum!

I will add that… sure, Soylent ‘can’ cause stretch marks… if you eat too much, just like with normal food :joy:


Oh, just in case fast weight gain isn’t your only reason for the stretch marks, a quick google says that zinc deficiency can contribute to stretch marks. So if you want, you could get a blood test to check for stuff like that. Another site mentions vitamin E and B6 also.

Since those stretch marks are basically new, I would suggest you make sure to moisturize them

Stretch marks can be minimized faster by the daily application of moisturizer or stretch mark cream, Coco Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and bio-oil. Other thing you may do to minimize stretch mark is to eat a skin-nourishing diet and staying hydrated.

I don’t know your previous diet, but just so you don’t get worried again about Soylent being the cause, the consumption of something like Soylent shouldn’t cause an instant deficiency of something it contains, so you were most likely deficient before Soylent if that is the reason.