Skin look any better?


My whole life i’ve always been told that eating bad food and junk can make your skin break out and look bad… (I really have no idea how true that is, or to what degree) So, I figured I would ask if anyone who has been on a soylent only diet has noticed nice more healthy skin?



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No, haven’t really noticed a change good or bad in my skin.

Edit: although I was eating a fairly healthy diet before Soylent. Full of whole foods. Vegetables and fish. No sweets or processed foods.


My skin hasn’t changed, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it to begin with, so I’m not sure if that means anything.


there were many reports early on during 1.0, that people said their skin was much cleaner / had cleared up. But it’s been a long time since anyone has talked about their skin… and the first few reports were anecdotal, with no before or after comparisons :slight_smile:


I was one of those that reported my skin clearing up a bit. At the time I was on DIY (Soylent gave me death farts :frowning: ). It wasn’t a lot, but I did notice it. I’ve been on Soylent 1.4 for a couple months now and am still doing better.


I’ve always had good skin on my face (that’s a weird sentence), and I haven’t noticed any changes there. But I’ve had pimples on the backs of my upper legs forever. They’ve pretty much disappeared since starting Soylent. Could be coincidence, but I think it’s the Soylent since I didn’t make any other big changes around that time.


That is good to hear. i assume Soylent is good for the sebum for some reason :slight_smile: (or more that the other stuff we ate was bad for it)

I have plenty of small blocked hair sacks with sebum build up inside on my arms, and some on my legs… I word it lile that, because they are not visable really, not zit/acne like in other words. And I look forward to seeing if a full Soylent diet will help with this.


Thanks for your stories. I just ordered my first shipment and should be here in a few days. I am so eager. One of the things I really hope this helps with, is my skin. I dont have really bad skin, but just a few outbreaks on my back. After I have been on this awhile i’ll post if their is an improvement.


Base solely on second hand experiences from friends and my own firsthand experience I can say everyone reacts to different foods differently. While greasy burgers and fries seemed to make me breakout in my gradeschool days my friends eating the same thing had pristine skin. And others would break out seemingly from something I had no reaction to like sugary foods. Not at all scientific, purely anecdotal, but it’s something I felt worth bringing up.