Sleeping and Soylent


Hey all!
I’ve been on soylent for the past couple of days (though yesterday was my first all-soylent day).
As a foodie and an orthodox Jew, sourcing tasty and kosher ingredients has been the major issue, though I think I finally hit the nail on the head with a balance of stuff that’s cheap and healthy.
My current soylent recipe is a relatively neutral base for experimenting with flavors. Yesterday was a fantastic fettuccine alfredo and a mocha brownie, today I’m going with curry and pesto (and a brownie!)

Yesterday, I realized that I accidentally underestimated the density of my soylent and so have been consuming WAY too much powder. And now I am wide awake at 2:30 AM after only 3-4 hours of sleep. I’ve never really been one to sleep much (unless I’m ill) and I’ve got a kind of crazy metabolism (one of the reasons I like the idea of soylent - tailored nutrition), but feeling fully rested after half a nights sleep is a little beyond ridiculous, even for me.

Has anyone noticed needing significantly less sleep on soylent? Is it possible that a properly balanced nutritional profile will change your circadian rhythms/parasympathetic systems?


It’s psychosomatic. You’ll still need sleep, but you’re hyped on a new project and manic. Give it a couple weeks, you’ll be exhausted without at least 7 hours a night.


I never get 7 hours a night. Except perhaps on weekends. My current sleeping average (before soylent) has been about 5-6. Late to bed, early to rise, just how I am.

But feeling well rested and restless in bed after 3 hours really shocked me this morning. I already spent a good amount of time reading on top of fiddling in the forums, some light exercise, and packing last night’s batch. At this point, I’m pretty sure it isn’t just manic energy.

Manic is just how I roll. :wink:


How long before you go to sleep do you consume soylent? I realized, at least with a high carb amount, I had to be careful with this because the same would happen to me. However, after a week or two of the ‘minimum needed’ levels of sleep (which is 3 - 6 hours for me), I still felt groggy. I simply got into the habit of making sure I had enough to feel full by the time I went to sleep, but not so close to passing out that it ended up either waking me up in the middle of the night (I pass out easily) or flat out prevent me from falling asleep.

Possibly related (as I don’t see that you have a lot of vitamin d in your formula), I found that if I can take vitamin D pill supplements (individual 4k iu) and wake up feeling really refreshed in the morning on a minimum of sleep, but similarly above, it was a mixed blessing and I found after a couple weeks I realized the quality of sleep may have been skewed.

All this said, it’s probably just a sort of an adjustment phase. Changing your diet drastically has a lot of strange physiological side effects, and this may very well be the case for you. Give it a couple weeks to see how your body settles into it.


Last night? I think I had my last bit of soylent around 8-ish (a mocha brownie mod on my base) and didn’t go to sleep until MUCH later - 11 or so. I did eventually get a little more sleep when I came in to say good morning to my wife at 6 and ended unintentionally napping an additional 1.5 hours. Oops.

We’ll see how I fare tonight. I just finished my daily allotment an hour ago, (I wasn’t planning on eating this late, but there is a day long fast tomorrow and I needed to make sure I had something in my gut) and I’m feeling pretty good in general.

Re: Vitamin D - I met RDA, but didn’t aim for the upper ranges. While I have vitamin D pills (2k iu, i think), most of that stuff isn’t as bioavailable as getting it into your actual food (which is why we have fortified milk). At least I sit right next to a window at work, so now I can get better sun exposure…

I’m not planning on dropping soylent any time soon. I’m having too much fun with this stuff! We’ll see how my body continues to adjust. Though I wouldn’t mind it overly much if I started needing less sleep, it isn’t a goal I’m looking to achieve…


Maybe you were magnesium deprived before.


hmmmn… maybe… goes rummaging through wikipedia. That’s a list containing a lot of my favorite foods. Except chocolate. That’s not on the list. We need to fix that…

Had a better night’s sleep last night - I got 4.5 hours! Actually feeling pretty good right now. Ate 1/4 cup of mix as a brownie as well as my usual morning cuppa joe. Tonight and tomorrow will be muggle food days for me (though I have yet to have a day completely off food) . We’ll see how this goes.


Having been on soylent 1 meal per day, usually breakfast or lunch, I’m down from needing 12 alarms and 8-9 hours sleep to waking up before any alarms with 5-6 hours sleep. I don’t know if this is some crazy adjustment period, but I like it!


Now that you have mentioned it since I’ve been on my DIY soylent I’ve noticed that I only seem to need 6-7 hours asleep and when I wakeup I am fully awake instantly. I haven’t tried to push it and see how little sleep I can get away with but its definitely different than before. I too seem to wake up before my alarm now.


If you play with the Carb/Fat/Protein ration - you can sleep even better, according to dietitian:


This thread reminded me of this article on not sleeping the whole night.


It says that people in ancient times used to sleep like that, but it doesnt mean its the ‘right way’. People were sleeping like that due to a) A lot of people in the same house so a lot of couples and babies in the hosue often crying in the night. Sometimes one baby crying makes other babies cry or wake up too and parents often have to be awake sometimes to put them to sleep. So a lot of days sleep will be disturbed. b) Also soldiers often used to stand guard or go to wars/ armies used to travel at night too. Add to these other reasons the article mentioned. So their lifestyle was like that. It was not out of choice. But they used to take naps through-out day to make up for it i am guessing. Like how people today do if they dont get enough sleep at night, atleast those people who get the chance to do that.


Not to get too off topic, but the ancient way makes more sense. I’m not sure that many mammals go through their entire sleep cycle in a single go.


I’ve been more or less sleeping like that for years, before I read any of these stories. Wake up, read for an hour or so, go back to sleep for a few hours.


Mammals or animals evolve their sleep patterns based on a) Their prey b) Their dangers/predators c) Other life style factors.

My point is our sleep pattern should be based on our lifestyle/necessities/our body response etc. There is no ‘one right way’ to sleep. If sleeping in installments (for lack of a better word) suits somebody more than a continous 7-9 hours of sleep they could sleep like that, if sleeping continously for 7-9 hours suits somebody better, they could sleep continously.

Its better to choose the pattern that suits us.