Slightly Fermented Official Soylent


So today, I didn’t really feel hungry at all, and didn’t have much of my 1L Nalgene full of Soylent 1.1 … this evening I went to get into it and it had started to ferment… and it got me wondering: Is it safe? Do other people drink fermented Soylent? Will it contain alcohol? Will it contain dangerous bacteria?



I’ve had that happen to me too. There are a couple threads on here about fermented Soylent. It’s unlikely its infected with brewers yeast and wild yeast taste bad, think Pruno. I personally would dump it and make a fresh batch.


It’s just such a waste =\


I agree. I recommend powdered brewers wash (PBW) to clean any Soylent residue off your pitcher and StarSan to kill any microorganisms that may or may not be living on it. StarSan is a non-toxic no rinse sanitizer and keeps forever in a sealed bucket. It works by lowering the PH of the water you mix it with to below 3.7.


How old is your Soylent? I keep mine in the fridge and drink 1 meal over 3 and sometimes 4 days. Never had that experience. I did leave a finished glass sealed for 5 days and that was very bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks… I’ll check that out :smile:


I full up my Nalgene in the morning and bring it to work… today, it was sitting out of the fridge for about 16 hours … I should probably smarten up and refrigerate it when I get home if I haven’t finished it all yet.


16 hours is a really long time to leave it out of the fridge. When RL suggests it lasts two days, they mean two days refrigerated–it’ll go south much, much more quickly at room temp.


I’m well aware. I know why it fermented… I was merely pondering whether or not it was still safe to consume.

That said, I may wind up adding my own preservative.


If you can get beyond the horrid smell, it should be safe yes, a little self medicated probiotics. I would look into a way to keep it fresh for the 16 hours though. Is there not a work fridge you can store it in or maybe pack a cooler with a reusable ice to keep it cool. Let us know if it kills you, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use a double layer thermos that does a very good job of keeping it cold for hours. They advertise up to 16 hours, I’ve personally had it out for 10 and it was still very cold.


I do the thermos thing too. If I add a single ice cube to the soylent in the thermos before I seal it up, it’s still bitterly cold by late afternoon; it’s as good as a fridge as far as I can tell.


I’d judge it based on the taste, if you take a sniff and it repulses you, dump it. If it smells tolerable, I’d go for it. I’ve let mine sour a few times on accident, but if its not too far gone I go for it. Nothing has gone wrong yet.

That being said, I think at 16 hours unrefrigerated, it’s probably dead, unless it was in an insulated container. I’m guessing you’ll lose any ideas of trying it the moment you open the container.


Adding a good handful of ice usually keeps it cool for most of the day, without refrigeration. Maybe combined with a thermos, it could last the full 16 hours? I don’t have a thermos to test this theory.


Mine has fermented and gone fizzy after about four days in the fridge. Exact number of days is unclear… next time I’ll stick a label on indicating the date when mixed. This is 2nd time Soylent has carbonated itself. First time I found it fizzy I added chocolate syrup and drank it and no ill effects ensued. This morning I didn’t like the taste so I dumped the glass but based on discussion above I think I will try drinking another glass and report on the outcome.


I am totally pumped about this thread - we may be on the verge of discovering Soylent Beer.

I don’t think I would consume anything else, ever.


The thermos works, I can attest. I’ve got a nice big 1.4L thermos I can dump some ice into and fill before a day at the office, and it will keep chilled through to the next morning if I have any left over at night (sometimes I really don’t feel like cleaning it out when I get home).

Of course, if I let it sit much longer than that, it turns into a pressurized nerve gas when I crack the lid the next day.


If people are going to intentionally be drinking fermented Soylent, they should probably be inoculating with specific brewer’s yeasts, and taking care to sterilize equipment between batches.

Letting it happened randomly has two dangers: 1. it may end up tasting really bad, 2. it may actually make you sick.

Because Soylent is fairly thick, oxygen probably doesn’t circulate well down the stack, so the bottom may be pretty well anaerobic - which is the right condition for Clostridium botulinum to grow. That can lead to botulism.


And people think I’m crazy for wanting preservatives in Soylent O_O


I don’t think your crazy. The first time my boss’s DIY fermented I thought about preservatives. When it happended to me I really considered it.