Sliminess in 1.4 varies from bag to bag, even in the same box


I had no trouble with the slimy texture that everyone complained about when 1.4 first came out, my first few bags of 1.4 were creamy, but not slimy. But the new batch I made today had that slimy texture that everyone talked about. There were messy stringy strands that dripped everywhere as I drank from the glass, and it even felt like drinking phlegm (ugh). Please note that the method of preparation was exactly the same as before, in a Takeya pitcher, left overnight, and that the slimy bag came from the same box as the non-slimy ones.

Something the soylent team might want to look into (copying @Conor)


we should make it a point to pay attention to the bags prior openning… perhaps there is a subtle difference in how the packing is done. for instance, under 1.3 I would routinely find the bags so vacuum sealed that there was darn little air in there with the mix, complicating the opening process (the gold ole “have some soylent powder to breath” lol) and the first 1.4 bag (today) wasn’t like that. it had very little air but not to the same degree.

I wonder if the gooey bags might have more air (or less) in the them than their counterparts. i’ll be paying attention as I move forward for sure.


Ohh this is very interesting news, I had a really bad experience with my first bag where the texture was pretty phlegmy (no possible way to mistake this as “creamy”) and required my to run the batch through a blending to make it palatable.

I have just mixed the second batch so we’ll see if that’s any better, I put considerably more effort into mixing/shaking this time around as I sort of got lazy with 1.3 since I didn’t mind it being a little gritty.
I’ve noticed as many others have that this slimy experience has been more common with previous backers so my thoughts are there’s probably a difference in preparation.
I’ve also noticed that those who use ice seem to have less issue with separation and sliminess which is interesting but not enough evidence to confirm.

I’ll have to get an immersion blender to make this process more convenient if I run into the same problem with another bag.


Have you tried not letting it sit over night? A thing I noticed with the feedback from people was that the time is a big factor in sliminess.

Give it a shot, just add some ice cubes and blend it or something :slight_smile:


Hello @ganryu,

I’m sorry you had such an unpleasant experience. Could you potentially send me a picture of the bag and box?


no i haven’t. while i’m sure your suggestion will decrease the sliminess in some way, my point is that it seems some bags produce slimy/phlegmy soylent, while other bags produce creamy soylent, as the methods i’ve used so far is identical. and these are bags from the same box. so it’s possibly a “bug” in the product.


I didn’t keep the box or the empty bag of the slimy bag, but the remaining bags all have the following code: C15061P02


Whoa! Exp 3/16??? Both batches I’ve received (L5049 and G5078DA) had a 2/17 expiration. @Conor, can you explain what the prefix (L vs G vs C) mean? Also what do the suffixes DA or P02 mean? Are these different facilities? Different tweaks to the recipe?


@Conor addressed the different expiration dates over on reddit, “We are changing the dates to one year. We base the number off our calculations with regards to the ingredients and how they interact. But we decided it would be better to move on the side of caution with a lower shelf life.”


@Conor, is the bag filled with nitrogen to remove oxygen?


Ah… Ok. So now we have to read discourse AND reddit!!! I’d still like to know about the prefixes and suffixes…


I post on both, with discourse a user normally answers the question before I even read it. I do lurk…a lot!

The numbers are for logistical purposes, batch and lot codes.


We do remove the oxygen, however there is always going to be minor amounts. We do not us a nitrogen method of removal though.

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It gets much worse the longer it sits.


Well the 2nd bag is no where near as bad as the first, it didn’t really separate sitting in the fridge but was still a bit gooey. Didn’t have the same large chunks of phlegm texture that the first one did.

The water ratio required seems a lot diff than the previous versions, that 30% extra water makes a big diff.
I’ll be picking up a stick blender sometime tomorrow to see if that resolves the main issue, I can see the texture approaching creamy if I do that.

Just hope I dont get another bag as bad as the first one if it was something about the mix/packing…


They have had issues with batches differing from each other for quite some time. I (and others) have even had bags where the colour was radically different. I wonder what’s going on. (search Discourse for “red soylent”, as an example)

Every pouch of 1.4 has been similarly slimy, however. (for me)


Ok I’ve given up on the overnight pitcher approach but on the good news side, I am now just making it as I need.

The previous versions I found quite bad when not doing the overnight approach but this is the opposite, it tastes really nice with just cold water and a small amount of mixing with a blender! If I had a blender ball bottle it’d mix fine with that as well but I don’t so blender it is for me.

So for anyone who has the slime issue, don’t quit just change your approach and make a meal at a time with cold water whenever you want, it’s not that much of an inconvenience. Hopefully in the future we can get some options that can work in both approaches well.


The sliminess comes from the Xanthan Gum they add which makes it so that the oat flower and such don’t all float to the bottom and suspends them evenly.

Thus we can assume they need better quality control as some bags get more Xanthan Gum than others. I’ve experienced this myself with soylent so I’m well aware. Thankfully it was only 1 pouch that was that way for me.

Only way to help this if you get a bag like that is to add more water to lessen the density of Xanthan Gum and thus less sliminess. Blending may help a little as well.

For those who haven’t experienced this, try buying Xanthan Gum and add it to soylent or a DIY soylent or just water and mix it. The more you add the more it tastes like you’re eating a jellyfish.


With 1.4 we switch to different production facilities.


The only differences that I’ve seen is how much separation occurs over night. With some batches there is only a small amount (1/2") and with others there is more (2"). But I’ve never noticed the ‘slimy’ texture people talk about. The taste is always the same to me.