Slimy Soylent 1.4 Help


A helpful tip for anyone finding it slimy, I drink mine from a to go cold cup with a lid through a straw. Since the mix is modestly thick this is a little like drinking a milkshake but not too difficult and I’ve never experienced a slimy feel drinking it this way.

I also use water filtered through a Pur filter pitcher and am sure to shake it thoroughly in the two stages based on the instructions, first after half water and the mix in pitcher, and then second, after filling water to the top. No blender used and always refrigerated for at least 2-3 hours but preferably overnight.

My first sips were from the cup before using the straw and there was no slime factor whatsoever and especially not a trail from my mouth to the cup. And there has also never been a slimy trail from the straw.

The experience others are having does sound a bit nasty but it makes me think something more preparation related is possibly the cause as I have not experienced this issue. Hope this info is helpful to others.


My thoughts (anecdotal, not fact):

  1. It seems it is mostly people who consumed earlier versions of Soylent that have a complaint of “slimy.” It seems that most people who started with v1.4 say “creamy.”

  2. It seems that “slimy” was an early reaction, close to the release date. Maybe “slimy” was unique to the first batches shipped, and in the weeks that followed, later batches had a different viscosity. That is, maybe the first batches to be mixed were “messed up.”

  3. A few people started out describing v1.4 as “slimy,” then reported after a week or so that they don’t have that problem anymore. Many have hypothesized that their new mixing methods eliminated the problem. Maybe the powdered oils themselves needed to “sit” for a few days or week, and then the final composition was affected?

(Normal caveat: I’m not suggesting that people who say “slimy” are mistaken. Just trying to rationalize the huge discrepancies in opinion of v1.4.)

Log your opinions of 1.4 here

Great addition Ric, much appreciated in efforts to assist anyone with a “less than” experience.


Well, I was unable to give my remaining bags away to friends [they think Soylent is a ridiculous idea] so I decided I might as well try to finish up my supply of 1.4.

Bags have sat for a week longer and still no change to the slimy texture.
If early batches of 1.4 contained too much oil, we will never know - but letting the bags sit a a week longer has no effect.

I say # 3 is not it.
I say # 2 is possible but we will never know (unless I order more and find out)
I say #1 is something I was thinking about this morning on my way to work - if you haven’t had the original there is nothing to compare it to. # 1 is quite possible.

EDIT… I got to add the the OP seems to be new to Soylent. Perhaps I should try the method explained. But to me 1.4 is not drinkable until refrigerated for a while, and then that is where the slime starts.


I noticed a slimy taste after refrigeration overnight. I’ve only had 1.4, but I guess I’m comparing it to 1.4 made to drink and chilled with ice, with which I didn’t notice a slimy texture.

Because this is my first batch of Soylent, I’m still figuring out what are the best ways to make batches for me.


I’ve heard someone on here say that if they blended the Soylent in an electric blender before drinking it the slime went away. Now I don’t have 1.4 so can’t say.

But what I’ve started to do in the last couple of days with the Soylent I do have is just keep the two-litre blender container in the fridge. When I want some more, I just put the thing on my blender engine and spin for a bit. It produces a more milk-shakey experience. I’ve reconciled myself to possibly having to buy extra blade attachments if necessary.

And pouring from the blender pitcher is a more pleasant experience than the official pitcher also.



Okay so I got my first week’s supply a few days ago and the first two bags were perfect. The first bag I used slowly as I was getting used to it but the second bag I used the whole thing in the pitcher like the instructions said and refrigerated it overnight and everything was fine again.

Last night I mixed my third bag up in the pitcher, exactly the same way I did before, and this morning it’s like a completely different slimy thing. It was hard to get down even really chilled. Gotta filter it through my teeth so it doesn’t string down my throat as I swallow so I don’t puke. (sorry for the visuals)

So the first two bags were perfect and this third one is crazy. I’m thinking it was a mixing mix-up. I have four bags left, hopefully they’re like the first two. Maybe someone knows what’s up?

AND, this slimy batch separated and had about three inches of water on top this morning in the fridge in the pitcher. Which hadn’t happened to the last two batches. I shook it plenty.


So I’ve just had the first batch and had a perfect experience with texture but I mixed it last night and there were definitely two separate layers this morning. So I’m a little worried about the consistency. Either that our I’m not sensitive to the what is described as slimy.


The slimyness of this third batch is a whole different thing. The first two batches I wouldn’t describe as slimy at all. Totally creamy a little gritty but this third batch is stringy and crazy. Like, strings from my mouth to the glass. Like egg whites stringy/slimy. I can stomach it, as it still tastes like soylent, but it’s gnarly.


Oh wow. Well I’ll definitely notice that. Hope that isn’t the common case as I really like 1.4 so far.


My first two bags were fine and the slimyness improved with a lot more water. Not a huge deal, it’s a new formula, they’re still getting production ramped up properly, it might have gotten a tad too much of one thing. I’m not concerned haha I’m still ordering another supply.


I wish that someone would try my fix to the sliminess of 1.4. I’ve mentioned it before but no one seems to believe me. My theory is that small changes can make an amazing difference in the consistency of this stuff. I have taken to adding heaping spoonfuls of soy protein isolate (and I always add stevia, because I like sweet). To me, what I can find objectionable in 1.4 (and I can definitely tolerate it) is completely eliminated by my addition. It definitely works for me.


Hey and you know you could have just gotten unlucky and gotten slimy batches. Because my first two bags were absolutely perfect I wouldn’t have imagined calling them slimy. But who knows. For all I know the slimy one could be the normal one and the creamy ones were mess ups 0_o


I’m on my 3rd week of Soylent 1.4 and all of it has been “slimy”. I add a little water and am fine with it. Yesterday I added some whey protein isolate to it and tried it today. I thought something was wrong. It wasn’t slimy at all. I let it sit overnight and it didn’t get slimy. I just mixed some up without the whey protein so I will see tomorrow morning.

This is actually pretty interesting. Either we have different batches that are slimy/not slimy as I’ve seen in this thread or the protein isolate really gets rid of the sliminess. It looks like @geneven is saying that the protein isolate is doing the trick. I will see tomorrow morning. It would be interesting if we could get a couple more volunteers to try adding protein isolate…


I tried the whey protein (strawberry flavor) but that did not do anything to the slime. It altered the flavor profile sure, but not the slime.


Did 1.3 for about 2 months and loved it. I made my first batch of 1.4 last night. I did a full pitcher/bag in the fridge overnight, and it was incredibly hard to eat. The slimy texture made me want to puke. :confused:

I hope this is a fluke, but if it stays this way I’ll need to cancel until it’s fixed.


I’ve drunk soylent since 1.0, and find 1.4 slimy. I often dillute my 1.4 with equal parts water, and the resulting texture is perfect-- just like dairy milk.


My first bag of 1.4 is just completely nasty. It’s like consuming an organic sample that has been half processed by Alge or a bacteria and you end up having a lot of the gunky waste residue. Sorry for the visual but that’s what it tastes like.

Prep was the same as I did in 1.3. Room temp lightly filtered tap water into the cleaned container with the powder already inside. Close and shake once mixed top off and shake some more. Store in fridge overnight to get proper temp and consistancy.

I came from drinking 1.3 with the oil, and it was bland but not bad at all. I am contemplating pitching the entire batch if I don’t see an improvement in the 2nd bag. I don’t need to gag and vommit when trying to drink my breakfast each morning on the way to work. Honestly if I didn’t know any better I would say some contaminated, but not harmful, Soylent got out.


Question: Did you shake it good and strong the next day before drinking? And I don’t mean just a few shakes. Like 30 seconds in all directions.


Yes, and it did break it up a little and was easier to get down, but it was still slimy. Then it just started sliming up hard again. Again, it behaves just like there is an organic process breaking it down into slime.