Slow burning carb source


I’m trying to design a slow burning DIY mix. I’ve had good results with a high fat content, but whatever byproducts result from burning the fat is causing me to have to pee all the time, and I’m done dealing with it.

Does anybody know what a good carb source would be that’s composed solely/mostly of of complex carbohydrates? I want something that burns slowly like fat, but doesn’t require me to drink excessive amounts of water.


When you where upping the fat content did you also drop the carb content? If so you where probably losing all kinds of water weight. Because you dropped the carbs below what your body was burning your body was burning stored glycogen. Glycogen retains water.

Hopefully I’m right and know what im talking about. Does anyone else think what I’m saying is plausible or am I totally wrong?


I’m using corn maltodextrin (NOW carbo gain) as my main carb source, I haven’t had any gastric issues or crashes. I’m a little concerned about glycemic issues but otherwise I’ve had no problem with it. It is not a slow carb, but I’m also using clear fiber powder, I usually toss in a few extra grams for good measure.


Carbs were untouched. All I did was as extra oil to my mix. I did confirm that the oil was the culprit, as it started when I added the oil, and disappeared 2.5 days after I stopped.


Well that blew my theory :smile: