Smaller portions of Soylent as a diet plan?


Hello! Longtime watcher, first-time poster. I’m very tempted to order up some Soylent. My only hesitation at the moment is that I’m trying to lose weight. Looking at the nutrition label, I see that Soylent with the powder-only looks good, but taking it with the oil packet will throw me over my calorie goal. I’m trying to see if the oil packet is absolutely vital for nutrition, but it doesn’t look like it.

I suppose my question is… Can I eliminate the oil packet for weight loss purposes? Can I portion down the powder/oil packet combination? Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you all!


to be honest i would try soylent as is for a couple of weeks and see how that treats you, considering its is 100% of your rdi and not fast food you would likely still lose weight


How old are you, how much do you weigh, how tall are you, what is your activity level.

For instance, I am 40, 250, 6’5, slight physical activity. For me to just maintain my current weight I would need over 3300 calories a day.

I am assuming you are a woman. I put in the average height and weight for a woman in the US which is 5’4 and 162 pounds I put in 30 for the age and less than an hour of exercise a day and just to maintain that weight with those variables you would need over 2200 calories just to maintain weight.

Im bored. LOL


I’m 26, female, 5’10, weighing 237 lbs at last weigh-in. If I was completely sedentary, I’d need 2270 cals a day to maintain my weight.

I know nutrition is a big part of weight loss - hence my interest in Soylent! I have a hard time trying to balance my nutrition. I’m probably just trying to cut corners, which probably isn’t the best idea in the world. Thanks guys!


Oil (fat) is essential for absorption of certain minerals/vitamins. I would cut the oil intake in half, so just consume half of the bottle per day and you will loose about 2-3 pounds per week, that is if you do not cheat or snack on anything else.


I havent tried official Soylent but enjoy DIY Soylent. Its almost difficult not to lose the weight with pure nutrition. Oil or not, dont over analyze this. Try it with oil for a month… You didnt loose 5 to 8 pounds then adjust amount of soylent consumed. But I would keep the oil.

Fats provide energy. Gram for gram fats are the most efficient source of food energy. Each gram of fat provides nine calories of energy for the body, compared with four calories per gram of carbohydrates and proteins.


I don’t think it would be at all healthy to skip the oil. The resultant macronutrient balance would be dangerously low in fat.

Just scale the complete recipe as needed (make a full days worth and throw away some %, or eat 4 meals a day that are each 20% of a packet, or whatever.)


Knowing that if you consumed the full 2liters you would consume 2000calories you can calculate a lower calorie in take along with a proportional reduction of all nutrients very easily. Although you may not be getting 100% of all RDAs most likely you are ahead of your current consumption. I do recommend using the oil for reasons already mentioned.


It scared me that you considered not using the oil at all… But like the others have said, make the entire thing, and then just dont eat it all.


Hello LondonGirl! I think Soylent may be just the thing you are looking for. The big question for those of us wanting to lose weight is, “How do I cut calories and still get all the nutrition I need?” Until now, that has been very difficult to achieve.

Even if you consumed the whole Soylent package each day, you would still lose weight. I’m thinking you want to lose weight a little faster but at a healthy rate. So, two things I would suggest: 1. consume Soylent – both powder and oil – but only 90% of the mix. 2. Moderate exercise three to four days per week.

Soylent at 90% will be about 1800 calories per day. For example, if your goal weight is 170 lbs (about 12 stone :wink: ) you would reach your goal weight in one year, more or less, by consuming 90% Soylent and exercising four days a week.

I know we’re all slightly different, but the basics are the same; give your body the nutrition it needs, burn more calories than you put in, and you will reach your goal! This is exactly why I love Soylent.

All the best to you!!!


Hey @londongirl, not to pour cold water on your weight loss dreams, but I’m going out on a limb here, I am assuming you are a girl, living in London. And I am assuming you are in London uk. As far as I am aware, international orders are quite some time away for us non-us Soylent onlookers. I am in Australia, and am envious of tales of soylentalia arriving in boxes dropped off by the nutrition pixies overnight.

So it might be you need to think about going the DIY route.

Forgive me if you are a stateside Londoner, or perhaps from a town called London elsewhere. Or maybe you just have a girl crush on those crazy spice girls.

Tell you what we want, what we really, really want? An international ordering update from @juliomiles


Maybe too simple of a theory. But just don’t drink ALL of it, and leave maybe a 1/4th of a cup, you should be at 1800-1900 no?


I’m in Los Angeles, actually :smile:


I officially ordered some. I’ll wait for it to actually get here and try it out before I get too crazy with portions and whatnot!