Smart vitamin/mineral allocation and retrieval system


Is there a website that allows you to input or select vitamins and minerals and then it churns out results of products/foods in descending order from a product with most nutrients contained to least?


Which foods have these nutrients-
vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, biotin, choline, chloride, chromium, iodine, molybdenum, sulfur, zinc


As an example:

The name link will take you to the Wikipedia page for Choline, specifically the part ‘food sources of choline’. I don’t know of any websites as you’re asking for in the first post, if you find one please link it. it sounds like a useful idea.

I’d start with Wikipedia for your questions, search for the vitamin or mineral or whatever, and see where it appears.

(I’m not one of the DIYers and don’t know enough about the other stuff to give you detailed answers, but this is how I’d go about finding them myself.)

#4 was the first and simplest chart I could find for you, you could select a food under a specific vitamin and then it would show what that food also contained of minerals and vitamins and how much… though I don’t know how accurate that site is… and it doesn’t have an “input field” like what you wanted :smiley: perhaps someone should try to create one?

I assume your looking for an easy way to make a DIY soylent, finding ingredients and such to fit the needs :slight_smile:


You see that title at the top corner, it says “chiropractic”, you do know that this is a dangerous quackery, right?

Anyway, not a single vegetable or fruit in those charts contains biotin, chromium, choline or molybdenum so they are obviously faulty.


Is there a more reliable website for nutrition data?
It doesn’t even mention molybdenum, chloride and sulfur, which is present in cheese and in garlic.
That site is very basic.

#7 might be something similar to what you’re looking for. It lets you build a diet, and tells you what you’re missing (as well as what foods contain those things)

It also lets you build a list of which foods you have access to (so that, for example, you could have it only suggest foods you have in your pantry right now, or food you know is available at the local grocery store within your budget).


Awesome site. It can help you build meals that are complementary to Soylent :slight_smile: