Smell seems worse each time I have some!


I find that each time I have it the smell seems worse and it makes the flavor sort of sickening; this morning it made me a tad queasy. The Soylent is new and stored at room temp, so it’s not a freshness issue (I don’t think?). I wonder if this is normal and how people deal with it? Maybe it’s just me but the flavor was sort of sweet cardboard at first but now it’s a tad cheesy/femented soy on the topnote (if you will).

If it gets any worse I might not be able to bear it. I’d almost prefer something overtly rancid like a cheese or a nato (fomented soybeans).

Anyway, just sharing and feeling things out: all comments and feedback welcome. I’m rooting for Soylent to succeed!


What do you mean by “new and stored at room temp”? Are you storing the pitcher of prepared product at room temp, or the bags of powder? From the reading I’ve done, once prepared, it should be stored refrigerated.

I personally prepare individual servings as I consume them, and have not noticed any variation from batch to batch…


I know: I must meant the bags of powder are “new” (I just recieved them a couple of weeks ago) and that I store them in a cabinet at room temperature.

I’ve been making them in individual servings.


Protip - do not smell it. Just do not. It’s way easier to drink that way. A firm ‘No Smell’ policy is definitely the best way to get it down.

I will also say that mixing the night before and letting it sit and cool makes the odor/taste muted. It was way more ‘potent’ when mixed at room temperature.


I find Soylent is better after sitting a few hours. Try mixing it, then putting it in the fridge, then drink it a few hours later. I think the smell and texture both improve this way.


It may also be her own sense of smell that could be improving, which makes her notice the smell more and more. I assume it is 1.4?


That doesn’t sound right to me. Soylent doesn’t have much of an odor to me and the taste hasn’t changed any with drinking it for a month straight now.

You say you’re making them in individual servings. How are you making it? I wonder if any moisture may be getting into the bags as you serve it. That may cause a problem?


I have noticed a faint odor myself on occasion, usually only after just mixed, with room temp(around 78F) water; but it doesn’t bother me as (1) it is not that strong, (2) I almost always wait until it is cold when there is no scent anymore; but not because I am trying to avoid it, I just prefer the texture after it has had time to set. Oddly, the taste does vary to me a bit from time to time, but I think it has more to do with my own biochemistry rather than differences between batches; and only varies slightly (between “pancake mix” and “graham crackers & milk”).


Hmm I haven’t tried Soylent right after mixing. I make it at night so I can have it first thing in the morning so it sits in the fridge all night and it plenty cold so that could be a reason I don’t really notice any sorta smell if there is a strong odor.


There was a smell to 1.1 that reminded me of past protein powders that I did not like, but 1.4 doesn’t seem to have it. I think 1.4 still smells a lot like 1.1, but without that “other” smell.


I’ve been drinking Soylent daily for 7 or 8 months now and the odor, while mixing it, is my one complaint with regard to the aesthetics of Soylent. To this day, it just churns my stomach. After it’s chilled, I find the odor to be fine and I’ve never been bothered by the taste of it. But while warm, god, the smell is awful.

It’s interesting how subjective this is. I let my girl friend smell it while mixing it and she thought it smelled good. Go figure.


It is funny how different we all are. I like the smell of Soylent and always find myself sniffing it before mixing it with water.


Are you washing the main Soylent container and the bottle you drink from with hot water? Hot water can “trap” odors in plastic, so it is recommended to wash with hot water but to then rinse with cold so to avoid odor build up in the plastic itself. I had a similar issue when I first started tsing Soylent but found that finishing a wash with a cold water rinse eliminated the odor completely.


Also be sure to unscrew the top portion of the Soylent pitcher. The part the handle is connected to. I didn’t realize it came off until the end of my first week. Some Soylent chunks can get stuck in the crevice. Wash it thoroughly.


I have not noticed an overpoweringly bad odor associated with Soylent. I wonder if it has spoiled in some way? The only odor I have detected is a very faint, pleasant (to me, possibly subjective) odor that I don’t believe would send anyone running for the hills.


I made a batch the other night with water from a bottle of distilled water that had been sitting on the counter that day so it was room temperature. After mixing the smell was noticeably strong. Not a pleasant smell either. The pitcher cooled in my fridge overnight and the odor was gone. The smell was normal. So I do think the temperature has a lot to do with the odor. I wonder how the people who complain of an odor if they chill their Soylent before or not?


Everything has a smell - Soylent has a smell. It doesn’t have an overly enticing aroma, in my opinion, but it’s not off-putting. That said, you definitely need to wash the pitcher out really well (unscrew everything, remove o-rings, wash everything, re-screw) to prevent buildup which will spoil and produce the odor.